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US10058851 Use of mixed oxides as oxygen storage components
US10058852 Hydrotreatment catalyst with a high density of molybdenum, and process for its preparation
US10058854 Catalyst system and use in heavy aromatics conversion processes
US10058855 Redox-active metal-organic frameworks for the catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons
US10058857 Method for preparing catalyst
US10058858 Integrated acid regeneration of ion exchange resins for industrial applications
US10058859 Pipette device having a micro-dosing unit
US10058860 Methods and apparatuses for acoustic treatment of samples
US10058861 Fluidic cell designs for interfacing microfluidic chips and nanofluidic chips
US10058862 Microfluidic device
US10058863 Device for performing an assay
US10058864 Microfluidic structure, microfluidic device having the same and method of controlling the microfluidic device
US10058865 Actuated microfluidic structures for directed flow in a microfluidic device and methods of use thereof
US10058866 Methods and apparatus to mitigate bubble formation in a liquid
US10058867 Sample metering device and assay device with integrated sample dilution
US10058868 Self-contained biological analysis
US10058869 Micro-fluidic modules on a chip for diagnostic applications
US10058870 Conveying arrangement with knives which can be pivoted vertically and shifted laterally
US10058871 Ball mill having spatial unbalance compensation
US10058872 Vertical ball mill with internal materials flow conduit
US10058873 Process for safe deconstruction and recycling of catalytic converters
US10058874 Low-calcium silicate cement and preparation and hardening methods thereof
US10058875 Filter device and method for removing magnetizable particles from a liquid
US10058876 Decanter centrifuge with double axial sealing
US10058877 Centrifuge loading/unloading apparatus, systems, and methods
US10058878 Shower head with dual switches
US10058879 System and methods for estimating fluid flow based on valve closure time
US10058880 Electrostatic coating device and electrostatic coating method
US10058881 Apparatus for pneumatic shuttering of an aerosol particle stream
US10058882 High pressure water/foam nozzle assembly
US10058883 Special wheel spray support
US10058884 Color change for powder coating material application system
US10058885 Process and apparatus for coating composite pulp honeycomb support elements
US10058887 Procedure of masonry and nozzle for viscous fluid injection
US10058888 High speed granule delivery system and method
US10058889 Wear resistant and biocompatible coatings for medical devices and method of fabrication
US10058890 Methods of forming an air bearing surface on a slider and related sliders
US10058891 Ultrasound device
US10058892 Membrane bonding
US10058893 Toy piece collection system
US10058894 Device for cleaning and fine-sorting grain metallurgical waste fines and method for cleaning and fine-sorting grain metallurgical waste fines
US10058895 Continuous flow, size-based separation of entities down to the nanometer scale using nanopillar arrays
US10058896 Installation for separating and singulating non-uniform postal articles with a vision system having laser sources
US10058897 Methods and systems for parcel one pass labeling and sorting for presort qualification
US10058898 Device and method for removing impurities from shredded plastic
US10058899 Shoe brush and cleaning device
US10058900 Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
US10058902 Bucket cleaning apparatus and method of use thereof
US10058903 Method for contamination prevention in fluid storage tank requiring temperature control, and device therefor
US10058904 Waste disposal closure system
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