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US10059014 Device for carrying out cutting operations of unbound formatting edges of a printed product
US10059015 Method and apparatus for positioning a cutting apparatus
US10059016 Roofing shingle system
US10059018 C-type tubing cutter
US10059020 Blade mounting structure requiring less current for a heated cutting blade
US10059021 Substrate cutting system
US10059022 Adjusting device for a pressure roller of a processing machine, particularly a moulding machine, and processing machine, particularly moulding machine, with such an adjusting device
US10059023 Dual angle guide for ceramic cutting machines
US10059024 Power feeder and fence for inverted routers
US10059025 Stapling apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
US10059026 Process for treating wood
US10059027 Methods of treatment of laminated timber
US10059028 Method for scavenging free formaldehyde using multifunctional scavenger for wooden composite products with urea-formaldehyde resin
US10059029 System for the production of panels made of wood flakes
US10059030 Method for producing decorated wooden composite boards and panel produced from the wooden composite board, in particular floor panel, and use of a wooden composite board produced according to the method
US10059031 Ceramic support structure
US10059033 Cementitious slurry mixing and dispensing system with pulser assembly and method for using same
US10059034 Methods for increasing a retention force between a polymeric scaffold and a delivery balloon
US10059035 Fibrous materials and composites
US10059036 Impregnating tool and method of continuously impregnating a reinforcing fiber material with a plastics material
US10059037 Insulated container and methods of making and assembling
US10059038 Thermally efficient tooling for composite component manufacturing
US10059039 Apparatus, system and method for isolating a controlled environment for cure process control
US10059040 Method for molding interior and exterior members of vehicles
US10059041 Multi-state bladder for manufacture of composite material
US10059042 Method for producing fiber preforms
US10059043 Method and apparatus for dry cast facing concrete deposition
US10059044 Methods of forming composite structures and methods of forming material with a removable backing for composite structures
US10059045 Imprint apparatus, imprint method, and method of manufacturing article
US10059046 Process for making a multi-component plastic housing
US10059047 Injection molding processes for molding barrel and thermoplastic syringes having low axial draft angles
US10059048 Flow of hydraulic fluid from accumulator assembly and from pump assembly to actuator where higher flow is required
US10059049 Device and method for nozzle adjustment
US10059050 Method of vacuum forming an object using a flexible mold and an apparatus for vacuum forming an object
US10059051 Machine for forming thermoplastic articles and device utilized in the production thereof
US10059052 Wet/dry 3D printing
US10059053 Break-away support material for additive manufacturing
US10059054 Welding thermoplastic structures
US10059055 Mass loaded vinyl roll support apparatus for a scaffold
US10059056 Micro-dispensing multi-layered 3D objects with curing steps
US10059057 Continuous fiber-reinforced component fabrication
US10059058 Device for building a multilayer structure with storage container or filling container movable along the dispensing container
US10059059 System and method for manufacturing a dental prosthesis and a dental prosthesis manufactured thereby
US10059060 Three-dimensional printing apparatus
US10059061 Composite manufacturing with a multi-dimensional array of independently-controllable thermal zones
US10059062 Device for producing three-dimensional models with special building platforms and drive systems
US10059063 Fibrous preforms for use in making composite parts
US10059064 Fiber orientation to allow for automated ply placement with composite rotor yokes
US10059065 Method for eliminating radius wrinkles in composite laminates
US10059066 Method and system for producing a panel member for an airframe
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