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US10059542 Sheet tray and image forming apparatus employing sheet tray
US10059543 Medium feeding device, image reading apparatus, and recording apparatus
US10059544 Media conveyor mechanism for printing apparatus and method of mounting conveyor belt
US10059545 Roller-type lateral force generation device
US10059546 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
US10059547 Sheet feeder, and method and computer-readable medium therefor
US10059548 Film packing device capable of replacing gears
US10059549 Paper roll and method of manufacturing
US10059550 Methods and systems for processing films in packaging machines
US10059551 Transporting device and printing apparatus
US10059552 Feeder
US10059553 System and method for high-speed continuous application of a strip material to a moving sheet-like substrate material
US10059554 Sheet conveyance device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
US10059555 Sheet stacking apparatus and image forming apparatus
US10059556 Method for marking a plurality of sheets
US10059557 Post-processing apparatus and image forming system
US10059558 Sheet processing device with sheet folding device to set a crease position and image forming system
US10059559 Device for towing a very long tubular object
US10059560 Winding device for strand-like material to be wound
US10059561 Floating feed assist unit for the payoff of bulk packaged welding wire
US10059562 Clip reel
US10059563 Elevator car speed control in a battery powered elevator system
US10059564 Method for determining moving mass of a door system
US10059565 Reducing elongation of roping or belting of an elevator by pretensioning the roping or belting of the elevator
US10059566 Connecting cars in a multicar elevator system
US10059567 Traveling cable sway prevention
US10059568 System of hexagonal building units and escalators or moving walkways used therein
US10059569 Monitoring system of a passenger conveyor, a passenger conveyor, and a monitoring method thereof
US10059570 Friction lock spreader bar
US10059571 Locking assembly for locking and unlocking a pallet on a support structure
US10059572 Core grasping method
US10059573 Double movable pulley load balancing hoist
US10059574 Systems and methods for lifting and transporting a shelving system
US10059575 Hydraulic control device for forklift
US10059576 Wireless vehicle lift system with enhanced electronic controls
US10059577 Perforator and gas discharge apparatus
US10059578 Method for controlling a filling system, and the filling system
US10059579 Liquid dispensing system
US10059580 Modular beverage cooling system
US10059581 Systems and methods for dispensing consumable products
US10059582 Three dimensional (3D) robotic micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) arm and system
US10059583 Micro-mechanical component
US10059584 Cathode material for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells
US10059585 Formation of 2D flakes from chemical cutting of prefabricated nanoparticles and van der Waals heterostructure devices made using the same
US10059586 Direct contact heat transfer in the thermolysis reactor of hydrogen production Cu—Cl cycle
US10059587 Ozone generator
US10059588 Systems and methods for degassing of sulfur
US10059589 Methods and systems for isolating nitrogen from a gaseous mixture
US10059590 Method for producing group III nitride crystal
US10059591 Method of producing graphene from a hydrocarbon gas and liquid metal catalysts
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