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US10059865 Phase-change materials from wax-based colloidal dispersions and their process of making
US10059866 Epoxy resin compositions and thermal interface materials comprising the same
US10059867 Agents for enhanced degradation of controlled electrolytic material
US10059868 Methods and compositions for in-situ polymerization reaction to improve shale inhibition
US10059869 Treatment fluids and uses thereof
US10059870 Acid-soluble cement composition
US10059871 Multi-tail hydrate inhibitors
US10059872 Corrosion inhibitor compositions for acidizing treatments
US10059873 Incorporation of clay into curable resin system
US10059874 Proppants for subterranean formations and methods of using the same
US10059875 Perovskite photoelectric functional material modified with amphipathic molecule, and methods for preparing and using the same
US10059877 Optically anisotropic layer, method for producing the optically anisotropic layer, a laminate, polarizing plate, display device, liquid crystal compound, method for producing the liquid crystal compound, and carboxylic acid compound
US10059878 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
US10059879 Liquid crystal composition, patterned phase delay film and preparation method thereof, and display device
US10059880 Polymerizable liquid crystal composition and optical anisotropic film
US10059881 Monomer, liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal display device, and production method for liquid crystal display device
US10059882 Efficient drying and pyrolysis of carbon-containing material
US10059883 Method for producing a pyrolysis product
US10059886 Rejuvenation of biopyrolysis oil hydroprocessing reactors
US10059887 Process for the manufacture of diesel range hydrocarbons
US10059888 Sorbents for removing solid particles from crude oil
US10059889 Oxidation process
US10059890 Methods and systems for acoustically-assisted hydroprocessing at low pressure
US10059891 Production of upgraded petroleum by supercritical water
US10059893 Method for gasifying a biomass and respective gasifier
US10059894 Gasifier
US10059895 Process and system for recovering natural gas liquids (NGL) from flare gas using joule-thomson (J-T) cooling and membrane separation
US10059896 Inactivation treatment apparatus
US10059897 Fuel additive for internal combustion engines and fuel composition
US10059898 High-viscosity metallocene polyalpha-olefins with high electrohydrodynamic performance
US10059899 Component having a coating and method for the production thereof
US10059900 Aminobenzoic acid derivatives
US10059901 Quaternary ammonium sulfur-containing binuclear molybdate salts as lubricant additives
US10059902 Process for in situ synthesis of dispersion ZnO nanoparticles in oil
US10059903 Branched diesters for use as a base stock and in lubricant applications
US10059904 Solvent-free process for obtaining phospholipids and neutral enriched krill oils using melting and evaporation
US10059905 Method to recover free fatty acids from fats and oils
US10059906 Solventless winterization of microbial oil
US10059907 Microcapsules
US10059908 Use of lactones as odor masking agents
US10059909 Surfactant and detergent compositions containing ethoxylated glycerine
US10059910 Wash water maintenance for sustainable practices
US10059911 Washing hydrogen water producing method and producing apparatus
US10059912 Multi-compartment water-soluble capsules
US10059913 Bioartifical lung
US10059914 Disposable bioreactors and methods for construction and use thereof
US10059915 Cell culture method in a bioreactor system using micro-carriers
US10059916 Regulated vacuum off-gassing of gas filter for fluid processing system and related methods
US10059917 Apparatus and method of stimulating cells using 3D clinostat and ultrasonic wave
US10059918 Method of vitally supporting microalgae in a flexible bioreactor
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