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US10059974 Cells and methods for producing lutein
US10059976 Microorganism detection method
US10059977 Biological sterilization indicator
US10059978 Methods and devices for diagnosis of particles in biological fluids
US10059979 Spherical, magnetizable polyvinyl alcohol microparticles, methods for their production, and their use
US10059980 RT-qPCR analysis of micro-dissected material from stained FFPET section
US10059981 Use of perturbants to facilitate incorporation and recovery of taggants from polymerized coatings
US10059982 Nano-sensor array
US10059983 Multiplex nucleic acid analysis
US10059984 Salt-tolerant DNA polymerases
US10059985 Method of amplifying telomere
US10059986 Reversible terminator molecules and methods of their use
US10059987 Modified proteins and methods of making and using same
US10059990 In situ nucleic acid sequencing of expanded biological samples
US10059991 Digital counting of individual molecules by stochastic attachment of diverse labels
US10059992 Photonic superlattice-based devices and compositions for use in luminescent imaging, and methods of using the same
US10059993 Oligonucleotides for controlling amplification of nucleic acids
US10059994 Methods for selecting competent oocytes and competent embryos with high potential for pregnancy outcome
US10059995 Method for determining P1/P2 blood type and detection kit thereof
US10059996 Susceptibility to and stratification for monoaminergic antidepressants
US10059997 Compositions and methods for discovery of causative mutations in genetic disorders
US10059998 Microrna signature as an indicator of the risk of early recurrence in patients with breast cancer
US10059999 Molecular markers associated with soybean tolerance to low iron growth conditions
US10060000 Method of hot forming hybrid parts
US10060001 Tooling system for processing workpieces
US10060002 H-section steel and method of producing the same
US10060003 Austenitic stainless steel sheet and metal gasket
US10060005 High-strength hot-formed steel sheet member
US10060006 High-strength cold-rolled steel sheet having excellent local deformability
US10060007 Method of preparing a gold-containing solution and process arrangement for recovering gold and silver
US10060008 Heap leaching
US10060009 Method for preparing rutile from acid-soluble titanium slag
US10060010 Hydrometallurgical process for recovery of metals and/or semimetals from waste materials containing compound semiconductor materials and/or back contact materials and/or transparent electrically conducting oxides (TCOS)
US10060011 Processes for the recovery of uranium from wet-process phosphoric acid using dual or single cycle continuous ion exchange approaches
US10060012 High-temperature TiAl alloy
US10060013 Steel having superior rolling fatigue life
US10060014 Bearing steel having improved fatigue durability and method of manufacturing the same
US10060015 Steel for high-strength bolts which has excellent delayed fracture resistance and bolt formability, and bolt
US10060016 Electrodeposition method for preparing polycrystalline copper having improved mechanical and physical properties
US10060018 Kinetically applied gradated Zr-Al-C ceramic or Ti-Al-C ceramic or amorphous or semi-amorphous stainless steel with nuclear grade zirconium alloy metal structure
US10060019 Thermal spray coated reinforced polymer composites
US10060020 Device for thermally coating a surface
US10060021 Thin-film formation method, thin-film formation device, object to be processed having coating film formed thereof, die and tool
US10060022 Device and method for generating a vapor for a CVD or PVD device from multiple liquid or solid source materials
US10060023 Backing plate for a sputter target, sputter target, and sputter device
US10060024 Sputtering target for PVD chamber
US10060025 Ag alloy sputtering target, method of manufacturing Ag alloy sputtering target, Ag alloy film, and method of forming Ag alloy film
US10060026 High-power pulse coating method
US10060027 In-line metallizer assemblies and part-coating conveyor systems incorporating the same
US10060028 Charging member, manufacturing method therefor, a process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
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