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US10060188 Driveshaft catch assembly
US10060189 Hexadecene synthetic drilling fluid with improved environmental properties
US10060190 Extendable cutting tools for use in a wellbore
US10060191 Continuous fiber-reinforced tools for downhole use
US10060192 Methods of making polycrystalline diamond compacts and polycrystalline diamond compacts made using the same
US10060193 Lift frame storage and deployment
US10060194 Drill pipe
US10060195 Repetitive pulsed electric discharge apparatuses and methods of use
US10060196 Methods of coupling a downhole control line connector
US10060197 Tapered spline connection for drill pipe, casing, and tubing
US10060198 Isolation packer with automatically closing alternate path passages
US10060199 Drilling rig carriage movable along racks and including pinions driven by electric motors
US10060200 System for monitoring pipe-retaining structures
US10060201 Device for handling drill string components and rock drill rig
US10060202 System and method for delivering a tubular pipe segment to a drill rig floor
US10060203 Wellbore equipment handling device
US10060204 Flushing tool and method of flushing perforated tubing
US10060205 Encapsulated polymers and selective activation thereof
US10060207 Riser system and method of use
US10060208 Automatic event detection and control while drilling in closed loop systems
US10060209 Estimating cuttings removal
US10060210 Flow control downhole tool
US10060211 Rotational anchoring of drill tool components
US10060212 Hydrostatic setting mechanism for a subterranean tool without rupture discs
US10060213 Residual pressure differential removal mechanism for a setting device for a subterranean tool
US10060214 Downhole roller
US10060216 Multiple channel rotary electrical connector
US10060217 Lattice seal packer assembly and other downhole tools
US10060218 Methods for formulating a cement slurry for use in a subterranean salt formation
US10060219 Cementing tool
US10060220 Subsea protection system
US10060221 Differential pressure switch operated downhole fluid flow control system
US10060222 Insulation device for a well
US10060223 Endothermic heat sink for downhole tools
US10060224 Liner top porous debris barrier
US10060225 Multilateral Y-block system
US10060226 Well placement and fracture design optimization system, method and computer program product
US10060227 Systems and methods for developing hydrocarbon reservoirs
US10060228 Pseudo phase production simulation: a signal processing approach to assess quasi-multiphase flow production via successive analogous step-function relative permeability controlled models in reservoir flow simulation in order to rank multiple petro-physical realizations
US10060229 Swelling sleeve method to prevent gravel pack movement into voids adjacent screen connections and exposing screen portions
US10060230 Gravel pack assembly having a flow restricting device and relief valve for gravel pack dehydration
US10060231 Gravel pack system with slurry exit port in coupling and method of gravel packing
US10060232 Multi-layered wellbore completion for methane hydrate production
US10060233 Hydraulic tubing perforator
US10060234 Low-debris low-interference well perforator
US10060235 Plunger lift systems and methods
US10060236 Low slip plunger for oil well production operations
US10060237 Methods of extracting hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation, and methods of treating a hydrocarbon material within a subterranean formation
US10060238 Method for integrated drilling, slotting and oscillating thermal injection for coal seam gas extraction
US10060239 Hot water injection stimulation method for chops wells
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