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US10060240 System and method for facilitating subterranean hydrocarbon extraction with electrochemical processes
US10060241 Method for performing wellbore fracture operations using fluid temperature predictions
US10060242 Traceable metal-organic frameworks for use in subterranean formations
US10060243 Multistage fracturing system with electronic counting system
US10060244 System and method for hydraulic fracturing with nanoparticles
US10060246 Real-time performance analyzer for drilling operations
US10060247 Hydrocarbon well performance monitoring system
US10060248 Vibration detection in a drill string based on multi-positioned sensors
US10060249 Method and device for measuring pressure exerted by earth material
US10060251 Acoustic measurement of wellbore conditions
US10060252 Method for mapping of flow arrivals and other conditions at sealed boreholes
US10060253 Downhole systems and articles for determining a condition of a wellbore or downhole article, and related methods
US10060254 Downhole communications using selectable modulation techniques
US10060255 Downhole low rate linear repeater relay network timing system and method
US10060256 Communication system for sequential liner hanger setting, release from a running tool and setting a liner top packer
US10060257 Down-hole communication across a mud motor
US10060258 Systems and methods for optimizing analysis of subterranean well bores and fluids using noble gases
US10060259 Passive sampling device and method of sampling and analysis
US10060260 Arrangement and method for positioning cartridges for a rock grouting equipment
US10060261 Rotary synchronized combustion engine
US10060262 Vibration dampers for turbine blades
US10060263 Incidence-tolerant, high-turning fan exit stator
US10060265 Turbine blade
US10060266 Covers for cavities in aircraft fan blades
US10060267 Gas turbine engine airfoil cooling passage turbulator pedestal
US10060268 Turbine blade having film cooling hole arrangement
US10060269 Cooling circuits for a multi-wall blade
US10060270 Internal cooling system with converging-diverging exit slots in trailing edge cooling channel for an airfoil in a turbine engine
US10060271 Fan airfoil shrouds with area ruling in the shrouds
US10060272 Turbine vane with load shield
US10060273 System and method for manufacture of abrasive coating
US10060274 Twisted blade root
US10060275 Turbomachine blade arrangement with first and second guides with respective movable first and second elements to reduce vibrational response
US10060276 Turbine rotor, turbine, and method for removing seal plate
US10060277 Turbine wheel with clamped blade attachment
US10060278 Guide vane for a turbomachine having a sealing device; stator, as well as turbomachine
US10060279 Seal support disk and assembly
US10060280 Turbine cavity sealing assembly
US10060281 Compressor abradable material seal with tailored wear ratio and desirable erosion resistance
US10060282 Geared turbofan with integrally bladed rotor
US10060283 Rankine-cycle power-generating apparatus
US10060284 Engine inlet total air temperature sensor
US10060285 Variable vane control system
US10060286 Geared annular airflow actuation system for variable cycle gas turbine engines
US10060287 Pressure relief door assembly
US10060288 Multi-flow cooling passage chamber for gas turbine engine
US10060289 Geared gas turbine engine with oil deaerator and air removal
US10060290 Method and system for centrifugal pump
US10060291 Mid-turbine frame rod and turbine case flange
US10060292 Castellated latch mechanism for a gas turbine engine
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