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US10060293 Baseplate for mounting and supporting rotating machinery and system comprising said baseplate
US10060294 Gas turbine engine assemblies with ceramic matrix composite components having undulated features
US10060295 Repair of surface damage at edges of cellular panels
US10060296 Quintuple-effect generation multi-cycle hybrid renewable energy system with integrated energy provisioning, storage facilities and amalgamated control system cross-reference to related applications
US10060297 Apparatus and method for reactor power control of steam turbine power generation system
US10060298 Thermal energy recovery device and start-up method thereof
US10060299 Thermo-elevation plant and method
US10060300 Sectioned gas turbine engine driven by sCO2 cycle
US10060301 Gas turbine unit operating mode and design
US10060302 Passive low temperature heat sources organic working fluid power generation method
US10060303 Camshaft phaser using one-way slipper clutches
US10060304 Valve control system having an adjustable camshaft
US10060305 Variable valve timing apparatus
US10060306 Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the same
US10060307 Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the same
US10060308 Modularized multifunctional variable valve actuation system for use in 6-cylinder internal combustion engine
US10060309 Internal combustion engine having oil baffle
US10060310 Use of active noise system
US10060311 Electric valve
US10060312 Exhaust gas filter
US10060313 Particulate filtering apparatus for marine diesel engines and method of operation and regeneration of said apparatus
US10060314 Exhaust soot control system
US10060315 Diesel particulate filter coated with selective catalytic reduction and exhaust gas aftertreatment system including the same
US10060316 Power generation system exhaust cooling
US10060317 Method of operating an aftertreatment system of an internal combustion engine
US10060318 Method for operating a driving system and corresponding driving system
US10060319 Internal combustion engine
US10060320 System and method for determining a parameter indicative of an amount of a reducing agent
US10060322 Honeycomb structure body and method of designing honeycomb structure body
US10060323 Method and system for monitoring reductant delivery performance for an SCR catalyst
US10060325 Cylinder head cooling apparatus of engine
US10060326 Cooling apparatus for internal combustion engine
US10060327 Piston for internal combustion engine, and cooling channel core
US10060328 Temperature control apparatus and method for an automotive cooling system
US10060329 Vehicle and method of controlling the vehicle
US10060330 Engine coolant circuit
US10060331 Temperature indicating cap assembly
US10060332 Cooling apparatus for internal combustion engine
US10060333 Systems and methods for engine coolant system diagnostics
US10060334 Controlled air entrainment passage for diesel engines
US10060335 Turbocharger arrangement having compressor wheels arranged in parallel and a method for operating a turbocharger arrangement
US10060336 Variable compression ratio engine and method for operation thereof
US10060337 Supercharged engine
US10060338 Intercooler
US10060339 System and methods for engine air path condensation management
US10060340 Twin scroll turbocharger device with improved turbo response
US10060341 Methods and systems for boost control
US10060342 Wellhead gas conditioner methods and uses thereof
US10060343 Air flow system for an enclosed portable generator
US10060344 Spark-ignited internal combustion engine modified for multi-fuel operation
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