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US10058230 Carrier arrangement for storing and/or transporting and/or cleaning dishware or other items
US10058231 Lighting structure and endoscope
US10058232 Transmission mechanism, raising device, and insertion apparatus
US10058233 Insertion apparatus with torque limit determining section
US10058234 Surgeon controlled endoscope device and method
US10058236 Fiber optic imaging catheter
US10058237 Image processing device, image processing method, and program
US10058238 Video output apparatus
US10058240 Systems, implants, tools, and methods for treatments of pelvic conditions
US10058241 Systems and methods for improved visual field testing
US10058242 Ophthalmologic imaging apparatus and ophthalmologic image display apparatus
US10058243 Clinic evaluation via outer retinal layer assessment
US10058244 Angular multiplexed optical coherence tomography systems and methods
US10058245 Optometric instrument with alignment means and method for aligning an optometric instrument
US10058246 System and method for rejecting afocal light collected from an in vivo human retina
US10058247 Multipurpose diagnostic examination apparatus and system
US10058248 Apparatus for obtaining high-quality optical images in a magnetic resonance imaging system
US10058249 Method, apparatus, and article for optimized myocardial T1 mapping
US10058250 System, apparatus and method for utilizing optical dispersion for fourier-domain optical coherence tomography
US10058252 Monitoring device with a pedometer
US10058253 System, method, and article for heart rate variability monitoring
US10058255 Method of determining stiffness index of an arterial network and system thereof
US10058256 Multi-spectral laser imaging (MSLI) methods and systems for blood flow and perfusion imaging and quantification
US10058257 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
US10058259 Electrode harness and method of taking biopotential measurements
US10058260 Apparatus and method for determining the occurrance of a QRS complex in ECG data
US10058261 Noninvasive atrial activity estimation system and method
US10058263 Neural interface
US10058264 Method and apparatus for a universal sensor
US10058265 Methods for assessing and optimizing muscular performance including a controlled activity training protocol
US10058266 Signal process system and method for the same and biological resistance detection device and element
US10058268 Catheter locator apparatus and method of use
US10058269 Monitoring system for identifying an end-exhalation carbon dioxide value of enhanced clinical utility
US10058270 Apparatus and use thereof for anatomical mapping of a face
US10058271 Physical activity inference from environmental metrics
US10058272 Sleep monitoring system and method
US10058273 Detection device and measuring apparatus
US10058275 Multipurpose sensor port
US10058276 MEMS affinity sensor for continuous monitoring of analytes
US10058277 Method and system for detecting pilot incompetence based on vital signs and head mounted sensors
US10058278 Systems and methods for monitoring pressure applied on patients
US10058279 Sleep and activity amount display program, device, system, and method
US10058280 Mapping method and system, method and system for evaluating the efficacy of medullary stimulation
US10058281 Activity amount-related information display apparatus
US10058282 Manual operation assistance with earpiece with 3D sound cues
US10058283 Determining food identities with intra-oral spectrometer devices
US10058284 Simultaneous imaging, monitoring, and therapy
US10058285 Chair pad system and associated, computer medium and computer-implemented methods for monitoring and improving health and productivity of employees
US10058286 Biological information monitoring apparatus
US10058287 Method and apparatus for acquiring a magnetic resonance imaging dataset
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