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US10060718 Measuring probe with attenuating device for measuring the thickness of thin films
US10060719 System and method for measuring the relative positions of rotary components
US10060720 Optical coherence imaging systems having a reduced effective linewidth
US10060722 Articulated arm coordinate measurement machine having a 2D camera and method of obtaining 3D representations
US10060723 Method and equipment based on multi-core fiber Bragg grating probe for measuring structures of a micro part
US10060724 Method, computer program product and measuring system for operating a triangulation laser scanner to identify properties of a surface of a workpiece to be measured
US10060725 Scanning laser range finder with surface temperature measurement using two-color pyrometry
US10060726 Parallel image measurement method oriented to the insulating layer thickness of a radial symmetrical cable section
US10060727 Internal diameter measuring method for transparent tube
US10060728 Three-dimensional object-measurement device, medium, and control method
US10060729 Handheld dimensioner with data-quality indication
US10060730 System and method for measuring by laser sweeps
US10060731 Optical position-measuring device
US10060732 Flexible apparatus and method for controlling operation thereof
US10060733 Measuring apparatus
US10060734 Dimension measurement device, dimension measurement method, dimension measurement system, and program
US10060735 Chassis measurement under ambient light
US10060736 Near-field sensor height control
US10060737 Method and machine for determining a shape contour on a measurement object
US10060738 Adhesively coupled power-meter for measurement of force, torque, and power and associated methods
US10060739 Method for determining a position and orientation offset of a geodetic surveying device and such a surveying device
US10060740 Distance detection device
US10060742 Forensic mapping instrument
US10060743 Method and apparatus of correcting output value of geomagnetic sensor
US10060744 Angular velocity sensor
US10060746 Methods and systems for determining a state of an unmanned aerial vehicle
US10060747 System and method for aircraft operations including path guidance panel with conditional waypoints
US10060748 Apparatus and method for switching navigation mode between vehicle navigation mode and personal navigation mode in navigation device
US10060749 Method and apparatus for creating a clothoid road geometry
US10060750 System, method and computer program product for consolidation of requests for access to dynamic map
US10060751 Method and apparatus for providing a machine learning approach for a point-based map matcher
US10060752 Detecting deviation from planned public transit route
US10060753 On-demand shortcut computation for routing
US10060755 Method, system and terminal for providing map information
US10060756 Centrally managed waypoints established, communicated and presented via vehicle telematics/infotainment infrastructure
US10060757 MEMS device quadrature shift cancellation
US10060758 Encoding and sensing of syringe information
US10060759 Rotational angle detecting device and angle sensor unit used therein
US10060760 Magnetix flux position detector that detects the magnetic flux at minimum position along a magnetic circuit
US10060761 Safety mat for safeguarding a technical installation
US10060762 Inductive sensor comprising integrated soft magnetic layer and method for the production thereof
US10060763 Sensor assembly for measuring the relative position of a control rod connected to a lead screw within a nuclear reactor
US10060764 Inductive position sensor with frequency converter and Goertzel filter for analyzing signals
US10060765 Optical position-measuring device
US10060766 Dual composite light field device
US10060767 Rotary apparatus
US10060768 Passive heat dissipation for multi-stage sensor processing
US10060769 Scanning measuring device with thermally neutral axis
US10060770 Rotational speed sensor which is installed in a mechanically overdetermined manner with an elastic injection-moulded encapsulation
US10060771 Fastening apparatus for an electronic device and method for fastening an electronic device
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