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US10060874 System and method for detecting used and dried sensors
US10060875 Metal and metal oxide co-functional single-walled carbon nanotubes for high performance gas sensors
US10060876 Gas sensor for measuring different gases, and corresponding production method
US10060877 Electrochemical sensor for determining an analyte concentration
US10060878 System for rapid electrophoresis binding method and related kits and compositions
US10060879 Ion storage for a mobility separator of a mass spectrometric system
US10060880 Magnetoresistive (MR) sensors employing dual MR devices for differential MR sensing
US10060881 Surface sensing method for corrosion sensing via magnetic modulation
US10060882 Method and apparatus for determining the health and remaining service life of austenitic steel reformer tubes and the like
US10060883 Pipeline crack detection
US10060884 Interleaved acousto-optical device scanning for suppression of optical crosstalk
US10060885 Liquid chromatography apparatus for fast measuring
US10060886 Method for high pressure gradient chromatography using pump stroke control
US10060888 MEMS gas chromatograph and method of forming a separator column for a MEMS gas chromatograph
US10060889 Low-power miniature LED-based UV absorption detector with low detection limits for capillary liquid chromatography
US10060890 Gas chromatograph intermediate processing apparatus and gas chromatograph
US10060891 Continuous acid-free measurements of total alkalinity
US10060892 Tripodal nitrate receptor
US10060893 Dual-function heat indicator and method of manufacture
US10060894 Method and device for dynamic monitoring of gas sensors
US10060895 Devices and methods for identifying a biological or chemical residue in an liquid sample
US10060896 Static equilibrium path for measurements of dynamic flows
US10060897 Tank device, a vehicle, and a method for evaluating an output of a pressure sensor
US10060898 Expandable jacket for triaxial, unconfined and uniaxial compression tests and test device for three-dimensional consolidation and settlement tests
US10060899 Characterizing lubricant oil degradation using fluorescence signals
US10060900 Concrete screeding system with floor quality feedback/control
US10060901 Concrete temperature stress testing machine system and temperature deformation self-compensation method
US10060902 Composite material with failure detection properties
US10060903 Exporting measurements of nanopore arrays
US10060904 Fabrication of enclosed nanochannels using silica nanoparticles
US10060905 Liquid medium and sample vial for use in a method for detecting cancerous cells in a cell sample
US10060907 Redoxindicators
US10060908 Oxidized cardiolipin as a pro-inflammatory factor
US10060909 Flavors, flavor modifiers, tastants, taste enhancers, umami or sweet tastants, and/or enhancers and use thereof
US10060910 Multisignal reagents for labeling analytes
US10060911 Method for diagnosis of high-affinity binders and marker sequences
US10060912 Global proteomic screening of random bead arrays using mass spectrometry imaging
US10060913 Systems including janus droplets capable of binding an analyte and changing orientation to provide a detectable change
US10060914 Methods for separating cells
US10060915 Multifunctional nanoparticles for molecular and cellular separation, detection and quantification
US10060916 Electrical biosensor for detecting a substance in a bodily fluid, and method and system for same
US10060917 Device for use in the detection of binding affinities
US10060918 Dual-functional nonfouling surfaces comprising target binding partner covalently coupled to polymer attached to substrate
US10060919 Longitudinal assay
US10060920 Genetically encoded biosensors
US10060921 Methods of treating transthyretin (TTR) mediated amyloidosis
US10060922 In vivo induced toxoplasma gondii protein for application in diagnosis, vaccine and therapy
US10060923 Ultra-fast pathogen toxin detection assay based on microwave-accelerated metal-enhanced fluorescence
US10060924 Distinguishing flavivirus infection using a recombinant mutant envelope protein
US10060925 Miox antibody and assay
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