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US10060926 Method for diagnosing and treating ovarian cancer
US10060927 SRM/MRM assay for the 6-O-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) protein
US10060928 Method for determining the endotoxin content of an aluminum salt preparation
US10060929 Difference gel electrophoresis of phosphoproteome
US10060930 Systems and methods for characterizing kidney diseases
US10060931 Use of complex forms of calmodulin-like skin protein CLSP
US10060932 Biomarkers of autism spectrum disorder
US10060933 Methods for diagnosis and treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis based on an increased level of interaction between TDP-43 polypeptide and NF-KB P65 polypeptide
US10060934 Methods for screening patients for resistance to angioinhibition, treatment and prophylaxis thereof
US10060935 ApoIII and the treatment and diagnosis of diabetes
US10060936 Drug simulant recognition system and method of employing
US10060937 Integrated instrumentation for the analysis of biofluids at the point-of-care
US10060938 Compact high volume analytical instrument architecture
US10060939 Device and method for clinical data sampling and specimen banking
US10060940 Sensor, sensor unit, and method for producing a sensor unit
US10060941 Magnetoresistive gear tooth sensor
US10060943 Symmetric MEMS piezoelectric accelerometer for lateral noise
US10060944 Micromechanical sensor device and corresponding manufacturing method
US10060945 Device for correcting a spacing value and/or for correcting a relative speed value, vehicle, and method
US10060946 Electron vibrometer and determining displacement of a cantilever
US10060947 Method and apparatus for analyzing and for removing a defect of an EUV photomask
US10060948 Scanning probe and electron microscope probes and their manufacture
US10060949 Probe device of vertical probe card
US10060950 Shielded probe systems
US10060951 Amplification circuit and current sensor having the same
US10060952 Self-shielded Di/Dt transformer for a meter
US10060953 Current sensor
US10060954 Load capacitance determination circuitry and power supply control
US10060955 Calibrating power supply voltages using reference measurements from code loop executions
US10060956 Detecting power supply sag in an integrated circuit
US10060957 Method and apparatus for a cloud-based power quality monitor
US10060958 Method and apparatus to evaluate audio equipment via at least one filter for dynamic distortions and or differential phase and or frequency modulation effects
US10060959 Capacitive sensing
US10060960 Ion measuring device
US10060961 Spectrogram compression for data transmission
US10060963 Probe systems, storage media, and methods for wafer-level testing over extended temperature ranges
US10060964 Arc fault circuit interrupter detector systems including super regenerative high frequency receiver
US10060965 Method and apparatus for evaluating Ethernet powered devices
US10060966 Method and apparatus for enhancing guardbands using “in-situ” silicon measurements
US10060967 Testing apparatus and method for testing semiconductor chips
US10060968 Combining current sourced by channels of automatic test equipment
US10060969 Test board unit and apparatus for testing a semiconductor chip including the same
US10060970 Electronic component testing device
US10060971 Adjusting latency in a scan cell
US10060972 Probe card for testing integrated circuits
US10060973 Test circuits for integrated circuit counterfeit detection
US10060974 Electrical circuit odometer sensor array
US10060975 Semiconductor device inspection device and semiconductor device inspection method
US10060976 Method and apparatus for automatic diagnosis of mis-compares
US10060977 First, second divided scan paths, adaptor, generator and compactor circuitry
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