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US10060978 Implementing prioritized compressed failure defects for efficient scan diagnostics
US10060979 Generating multiple pseudo static control signals using on-chip JTAG state machine
US10060981 Diagnostic circuit test device
US10060982 Detecting faults in motors and drives
US10060983 Method and apparatus for determining a physical quantity of a multiphase synchronous machine
US10060984 Battery management systems and methods
US10060985 System and method for monitoring temperatures of components of an ultra-capacitor system used with an auto start/stop system
US10060986 Battery remaining power predicting device and battery pack
US10060987 Methods and apparatus for measuring the remaining capacity of a battery
US10060988 Semiconductor device and a method for measuring a cell voltage
US10060989 Battery state detection apparatus
US10060990 Shielding apparatus, shielding method and demagnetizing for measuring magnetic field
US10060991 Semiconductor device
US10060992 Magnetic sensor including bias magnetic field generation unit for generating stable bias magnetic field
US10060993 Combined electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) magnetometer system
US10060994 Z-segmented radio frequency antenna device for magnetic resonance imaging
US10060995 Magnetic resonance imaging system capable of rapid field ramping
US10060996 Gradient magnetic field coil device and magnetic resonance imaging device
US10060997 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and operating method of cooling fan motor of magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
US10060998 Magnet and cryostat arrangement, and method for passive shimming
US10060999 Method and apparatus for measuring magnetic resonance signals
US10061000 MRI magnet for radiation and particle therapy
US10061001 Method and medical imaging apparatus of determining time windows in a scan sequence
US10061002 Method for controlling a magnetic resonance apparatus and controller for a magnetic resonance apparatus
US10061003 Selective sampling for assessing structural spatial frequencies with specific contrast mechanisms
US10061004 Memory efficiency of parallel magnetic resonance imaging reconstruction
US10061005 Apparatus and method for multi-band MR imaging
US10061006 System and method for accelerated angiographic magnetic resonance imaging
US10061007 Method, apparatus, and article for frequency-overlapped 3-D multispectral magnetic resonance images
US10061008 Combined orbit and attitude determination system and methods
US10061009 Robust confidence measure for beamformed acoustic beacon for device tracking and localization
US10061010 Distance measurement
US10061011 Time-of-flight location determination with unmanaged WLAN
US10061012 Locating and ranging using coherent array reconciliation tomography
US10061013 Mobile gunshot detection
US10061014 Radar signal processing method and apparatus for compensating for in-phase/quadrature-phase (I/Q) imbalance
US10061015 Multi-chip transceiver testing in a radar system
US10061016 Phase noise measurement in a cascaded radar system
US10061017 Target recognition apparatus
US10061018 System for identifying drones
US10061019 Diffractive optical element in a lidar system to correct for backscan
US10061020 Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) system with dual beam steering
US10061021 Clutter filter configuration for safety laser scanner
US10061022 Sonar system with curved antenna or antenna configured to transmit the same transmission pattern as the curved antenna
US10061023 Object detection apparatus and method
US10061024 Weather radar beam deconvolution
US10061025 Methods and apparatuses for reconstructing a 3D sonar image
US10061026 Photoelectric sensor with disturbance detection
US10061027 Laser navigation system and method
US10061028 Time-of-flight (TOF) assisted structured light imaging
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