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US10061029 Correction of depth images from T-O-F 3D camera with electronic-rolling-shutter for light modulation changes taking place during light integration
US10061030 In-vehicle apparatus performing an operation based on a distance measured, and in-vehicle system including the in-vehicle apparatus
US10061031 Navigation system, path prediction method thereof and computer readable medium for performing the same
US10061032 Method of selecting satellite for positioning in global navigation satellite system, satellite signal receiver, and method of creating DOP index
US10061033 Power management in wireless tracking device operating with restricted power source
US10061034 Signal processing device and noise strength determining method
US10061035 Radiation detector, and method for producing radiation detector
US10061036 Radiation detector, method of manufacturing radiation detector, and imaging apparatus
US10061037 Linear-response nanocrystal scintillators and methods of using the same
US10061038 Semiconductor X-ray detector
US10061039 Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, method for fabricating radiation imaging apparatus
US10061040 Method of making semiconductor X-ray detectors
US10061041 Neutron detection using Poisson distribution comparison independent of count rate based on correlation signals
US10061042 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
US10061043 Apparatus and method for the evaluation of gamma radiation events
US10061044 Systems, methods, and software for detecting the presence of subterranean tunnels and tunneling activity
US10061045 Vibroseis acquisition method
US10061047 Downhole inspection with ultrasonic sensor and conformable sensor responses
US10061048 Method of analyzing formation samples using NMR measurements with an echo time being 100 microseconds or less
US10061049 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for downhole lateral detection using electromagnetic sensors
US10061050 Fractal magnetic sensor array using mega matrix decomposition method for downhole application
US10061051 Whole-space inversion using phase correction method for multi-frequency dielectric array logging tool
US10061052 Modeling subterranean fluid viscosity
US10061053 NMR T2 distribution from simultaneous T1 and T2 inversions for geologic applications
US10061054 Downhole annulus evaluation apparatus, systems, and methods
US10061056 Neutron tool with dual-purpose detector
US10061057 Molded range and proximity sensor with optical resin lens
US10061058 Tracking system and method for use in surveying amusement park equipment
US10061061 Well treatment with digital core analysis
US10061062 Microlens array system with multiple discrete magnification
US10061063 Camera arrangement for a motor vehicle
US10061064 Prism and sensor chip
US10061065 Interference pigments or foils as separate structures having color match or mismatch depending on viewing angle
US10061067 Polarizing plate and method for manufacturing polarizing plate
US10061068 Deviation angle self-compensating substantially achromatic retarder
US10061069 Method for design and manufacturing of optics for holographic sight
US10061070 Assembly jig for LED module and light guide plate, an assembling method and a backlight module
US10061071 Panel luminaire
US10061072 Backlight module having optical membrane filter for selectively directing light towards a display panel
US10061073 Circular backlight for a liquid crystal display
US10061074 Method and apparatus for transforming light from a set of point light sources into a uniform field of illumination
US10061075 Light guide device
US10061076 Liquid crystal display and backlight module of the same
US10061077 Backlight device and display device including the same
US10061078 Polymer microlattice structures with multifunctional coatings for substrate bonding
US10061079 Method of making a metal grating in a waveguide and device formed
US10061080 Multi-mode forked grating coupler
US10061081 Integrated photonic polarisation rotator and splitter and related method
US10061082 Splitter waveguide used to perform active alignment of light source on slider
US10061083 Wavelength dispersing device
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