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US10061187 Reflection member available for heat shield use and projector including reflection member
US10061188 Illumination system and projection apparatus having reflection cover
US10061189 Stereo-panoramic data
US10061190 Mask for extreme ultraviolet lithography process and method of fabricating the same
US10061191 High durability extreme ultraviolet photomask
US10061192 Method and apparatus for correcting errors on a wafer processed by a photolithographic mask
US10061193 Focused radiation beam induced deposition
US10061194 Method and apparatus for fabrication of large area 3D photonic crystals with embedded waveguides
US10061195 Photosensitive resin composition for dry etching, and method for producing resist pattern for dry etching
US10061196 Photosensitive composition, method for producing cured film, cured film, touch panel, and display device
US10061197 Light irradiation device and method for patterning self assembled monolayer
US10061198 Method for producing a medical device or a device with structure elements, method for modifying the surface of a medical device or of a device with structure elements, medical device and laminated composite with a substrate
US10061199 Methods of forming a mask for substrate patterning
US10061200 Imaging device
US10061201 Bottom up apparatus design for formation of self-propagating photopolymer waveguides
US10061202 Methods and devices for driving micromirrors
US10061203 Beam distributing optical device and associated unit, system and apparatus
US10061204 Mirror, in particular for a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
US10061205 Reflective optical element
US10061206 Projection lens with wave front manipulator and related method and apparatus
US10061207 Method for preventing or reducing contamination of an immersion type projection apparatus and an immersion type lithographic apparatus
US10061208 Photonic activation of reactants for sub-micron feature formation using depleted beams
US10061209 Method for verifying a pattern of features printed by a lithography process
US10061210 3D target for monitoring multiple patterning process
US10061211 Method for layoutless overlay control
US10061212 Metrology target, method and apparatus, target design method, computer program and lithographic system
US10061213 Sensor, object positioning system, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
US10061215 Patterning method and patterning apparatus for fabricating a resist pattern
US10061216 Electrostatic image developer and toner, electrostatic image developer and toner cartridge
US10061217 Electrophotography toner
US10061218 Toner
US10061219 Electrostatic charge image developing white toner, manufacturing method thereof, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
US10061220 Toner, image forming apparatus, image forming method, and process cartridge
US10061221 Engineering-grade consumable materials for electrophotography-based additive manufacturing system
US10061222 Coil spring, coil spring holder, and image forming apparatus
US10061223 Image forming apparatus
US10061224 Image forming apparatus having shutter for exposure unit and sensor unit and method for controlling the same
US10061225 Toner amount detection sensor and image forming apparatus
US10061226 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
US10061227 Powder container, developing unit, and image forming apparatus
US10061228 Stop transmission mechanism and toner cartridge
US10061229 Process unit
US10061230 Image forming apparatus capable of facilitating toner replenishment to toner supply unit
US10061231 Developing device
US10061232 Image forming apparatus that ensures reduced calibration period
US10061233 Computer system backup performance optimization through performance analytics
US10061234 Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus for controling power supplied to heater based on temperature detection
US10061235 Fixing device and image forming apparatus
US10061236 Fixing device and image forming apparatus
US10061237 System and method for controlling a fuser assembly of an electrophotographic imaging device
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