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US10061238 Image forming apparatus with fuser driver and method for controlling thereof
US10061239 Fixing device and image forming apparatus
US10061240 Fusing unit and image forming apparatus having the same
US10061241 Fixing device including heating roller and image forming apparatus
US10061242 Fixing device
US10061243 Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
US10061244 Guide bushing disposed at an end of a nip forming member to support an end of a fixing belt
US10061245 Image forming apparatus that restricts removal of container with remaining toner by third person
US10061246 Image forming device and program for suppressing generation of blank portions on continuous paper
US10061247 Image forming apparatus
US10061249 Image forming apparatus that forms color image by superimposing plurality of images in different colors
US10061250 Image forming apparatus and photoconductor evaluation method
US10061251 Image forming apparatus and image forming system
US10061252 Image forming apparatus that changes over paper feeding stages
US10061253 Image forming apparatus
US10061254 Image forming system with information on conveying speed transferred between control units
US10061255 Sheet processing apparatus
US10061256 Driving system and image forming apparatus
US10061257 Image forming apparatus
US10061258 Drum unit
US10061259 Image forming apparatus
US10061260 Image forming apparatus and drawer member
US10061261 Coupling mechanism, and sheet feed device and image forming apparatus including same
US10061262 Developer container attached detachably to attachment unit of image forming unit, image forming unit, and image forming apparatus
US10061263 Image forming apparatus having a dual-position developing device
US10061264 Image forming apparatus that is transportable with developer housing container installed on apparatus main body
US10061265 Image forming apparatus including a fixing unit which fixes a toner image on a recording medium
US10061266 Holographic lidar system
US10061269 Balance wheel-spring assembly of timepiece
US10061270 Pointer and pointer manufacturing method
US10061271 Electromechanical timepiece movement comprising a device for detection of the angular position of a wheel
US10061272 Pipelined SAR ADC using comparator as a voltage-to-time converter with multi-bit second stage
US10061273 Intelligent security hub for providing smart alerts
US10061274 Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system controller
US10061275 Optimized parameterization of active disturbance rejection control
US10061276 Machine learning system and magnetizer for motor
US10061277 Servo control device with coarse and fine movement
US10061278 Method of off-line hybrid system assessment for test monitoring and modification
US10061279 Multi-objective scheduling for on/off equipment
US10061280 Controlled power adapter and cable
US10061282 Function control device, apparatus including same, and communication establishing method
US10061283 Systems and methods for integrated microgrid management system in electric power systems
US10061284 Three-dimensional printing using fast STL file conversion
US10061286 Model predictive control using wireless process signals
US10061287 Apparatus, a system and a method for monitoring a usage of an item
US10061288 Monitoring and controlling of appliances
US10061289 System and method of compiling and organizing power consumption data and converting such data into one or more user actionable formats
US10061290 Moving position control system for moving apparatus
US10061291 Numerical control device inspecting screw holes
US10061292 Method for aligning a strip of labels
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