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US10061450 Coarse scan and targeted active mode scan for touch
US10061451 Touch panel assembly for a communication device
US10061452 Touch display device with consolidated wires and driving method thereof
US10061453 Detecting multi-touch inputs
US10061454 Method for producing thin film touch screen panel
US10061455 Array substrate, display panel and display device
US10061457 Modular computing environment
US10061458 Hand-held controller using capacitive touch pad
US10061460 Self-capacitance input device with hovering touch
US10061462 Touch sensor fabric
US10061463 Touch panel and display device including the same
US10061465 Display apparatus, source apparatus, and methods of providing content
US10061466 Method for automatically adjusting the magnification and offset of a display to view a selected feature
US10061467 Presenting a message in a communication session
US10061468 Enhanced system and method for providing a virtual space
US10061469 Swivel bar concept within a 3D space to invite users to explore additional data on a third axis
US10061471 Display device and method of controlling therefor
US10061474 Overhead image viewing systems and methods
US10061475 Multi-touch gesture for precise scrolling through a list of objects
US10061476 Systems and methods for identifying, searching, organizing, selecting and distributing content based on mood
US10061477 Gesture controlled user interface
US10061478 Graphical user interface and methods of use thereof in a multimedia player
US10061479 Display system, information processing apparatus, computer readable recording medium, and power source control method
US10061480 Navigation chart information generating and presenting system, device, and method
US10061481 Methods and devices for visually querying an aircraft based on an area of an image
US10061482 Methods, systems, and media for presenting annotations across multiple videos
US10061483 Method and apparatus for configurable systems
US10061484 Terminal apparatus, fault report system, and non-transitory computer readable medium
US10061485 Information processing system that organizes and clearly presents mass data to user, information processing methods, and recording medium
US10061486 Area monitoring system implementing a virtual environment
US10061487 Approaches for sharing data between electronic devices
US10061488 Medical imaging apparatus and method of displaying user interface image
US10061489 User interfaces for social plug-ins
US10061490 Commodity recognition apparatus and commodity recognition method
US10061491 System and method for producing edited images using embedded plug-in
US10061492 Path-linked viewpoints from point of interest
US10061493 Method and device for creating and editing object-inserted images
US10061494 Method and device for webpage zooming on electronic apparatus
US10061495 Logical zooming of a directed graph
US10061496 Snapping of object features via dragging
US10061497 Method, device and storage medium for interchanging icon positions
US10061498 Graph display device, graph display method and computer-readable medium recording control program
US10061499 Systems and methods for providing interactive time-lapse selection for captured media content
US10061500 Apparatus and methods for widget-related memory management
US10061501 User interface for co-optimizing weight factors
US10061502 Electronic device
US10061503 Numeric input control through a non-linear slider
US10061504 Operation apparatus
US10061505 Electronic device and operation input method
US10061506 Touch determination on stacked or laminated display panels
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