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US10061507 Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for accessibility using a touch-sensitive surface
US10061508 User interface and method for adapting a view on a display unit
US10061509 Keypad control
US10061510 Gesture multi-function on a physical keyboard
US10061512 Data storage device and data writing method thereof
US10061513 Packet processing system, method and device utilizing memory sharing
US10061514 Method and apparatus for dense hyper IO digital retention
US10061515 Information processing apparatus and memory system
US10061516 Methods and apparatus to configure performance of a solid state drive based on host write bandwidth
US10061517 Apparatus and method for data arrangement
US10061518 Available frame queue processing
US10061519 Storage system, method, and apparatus for processing multi-layer protocol encapsulation or decapsulation operation requests
US10061520 Accelerated data access operations
US10061521 Storage device and method of operating the same
US10061522 Storage controlling system and storage controlling apparatus
US10061523 Versioning storage devices and methods
US10061524 Wear-leveling of memory devices
US10061525 Load balancing system and method
US10061527 Memory system and controller
US10061528 Disk assignment for multiple distributed computing clusters in a virtualized computing environment
US10061529 Active control of memory for java virtual machines and other application runtime environments
US10061530 Method and apparatus for configuring redundancy data center in cloud computing architecture
US10061531 Uniform system wide addressing for a computing system
US10061532 Migrating data between memories
US10061533 Data protection tiering
US10061536 Disk synchronization
US10061537 Data reordering using buffers and memory
US10061538 Memory device and method of operating the same
US10061539 Inaccessibility status indicator
US10061540 Pairing of data storage requests
US10061541 Systems and methods for refreshing a memory bank while accessing another memory bank using a shared address path
US10061542 Pseudo dual port memory
US10061544 Printing apparatus capable of receiving a plurality of jobs and selecting sheet information based on user information
US10061545 Printing apparatus and method of estimating print time of print job
US10061546 Printing system comprising a proof print repository
US10061547 Relay device, image processing device, server, and system comprising image processing device, relay device and server
US10061548 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium that calculate optimized driver settings by evolution strategy
US10061549 Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium for on-demand printing of a composite job
US10061550 Printer multifunction system having scanner controlled data transmission
US10061551 Device configuration including a master communications device with a slave device extension
US10061552 Identifying the positioning in a multiple display grid
US10061553 Power and data communication arrangement between panels
US10061554 Adjusting audio sampling used with wideband audio
US10061555 Method and system of controlling media devices configured to output signals to surrounding area
US10061556 Audio settings
US10061557 Method of controlling audio speaker settings in a vehicle based on dynamic determination of the occupancy state of a rear row of seating and a vehicle providing such control
US10061558 Data processing device, data processing method, and computer program
US10061559 Apparatus and method for controlling operation
US10061560 Executing perform floating point operation instructions
US10061561 Floating point addition with early shifting
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