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US10061617 Smart memory analog DRAM
US10061619 Thread pool management
US10061620 System and method for clustering of mobile devices and applications
US10061621 Managing resources in a configurable computing environment
US10061622 Updating memory topology information for virtual machines
US10061623 Execution of an instruction for performing a configuration virtual topology change
US10061624 Parallel computing system, job management device, and job management method
US10061625 Navigation application programming interface to accommodate multiple waypoint routing
US10061626 Application framework providing a registry for mapping names to component instances
US10061627 System and method for supporting waiting thread notification offloading in a distributed data grid
US10061628 System and method for data access and replication in a distributed environment utilizing data derived from data access within the distributed environment
US10061629 Compact binary event log generation
US10061630 Image forming apparatus that ensures operation while HDD is inoperative, and recording medium therefor
US10061631 Detecting unresponsiveness of a process
US10061632 System and method for transforming observed metrics into detected and scored anomalies
US10061633 Nonvolatile memory device and program method and program verification method thereof
US10061634 Methods and apparatus to detect transport faults in media presentation systems
US10061635 Cyber physical system
US10061636 Conversion schemes for public key cryptosystems
US10061637 System, method, and computer program for automatic root cause analysis
US10061638 Isolating faulty components in a clustered storage system with random redistribution of errors in data
US10061639 Information processing device, defect cause specifying method
US10061640 Soft-decision input generation for data storage systems
US10061641 Memory controller, storage device including the same and data encoding and decoding methods thereof
US10061642 Memory device and system including on chip ECC circuit
US10061643 Estimating an error rate associated with memory
US10061644 Systems and methods for implementing error correcting code in a memory
US10061645 Memory array and link error correction in a low power memory sub-system
US10061646 Wear leveling method and apparatus and storage medium
US10061647 Nonvolatile memory devices, methods of operating the same and solid state drives including the same
US10061649 Storing data contiguously in a dispersed storage network
US10061650 Priority based rebuilding
US10061651 System and method for hosting multiple recovery operating systems in memory
US10061652 Fault recovery management in a cloud computing environment
US10061653 Method to expose files on top of a virtual volume
US10061654 Depth first search of summary change log records for backup
US10061655 Volatile cache reconstruction after power failure
US10061656 Snapshot generating method, system, and apparatus
US10061657 Application intelligent snapshot backups
US10061659 Direct access to backup copy
US10061660 Cross-platform instant granular recovery for virtual machine backups
US10061661 Managing the execution of software applications running on devices having device functions
US10061662 Routing data streams around faults in strands
US10061663 Rebuilding deduplication data in a distributed deduplication data storage system
US10061664 High availability and failover
US10061665 Preserving management services with self-contained metadata through the disaster recovery life cycle
US10061667 Storage system for a memory control method
US10061668 Local storage clustering for redundancy coded data storage system
US10061669 Mechanism for providing real time replication status information in a networked virtualization environment for storage management
US10061670 Method and apparatus for automatically generating a component fault tree of a safety-critical system
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