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US10061671 Apparatus and methods for logic analysis to detect trigger conditions relating to data handling transactions in systems using transaction identifiers
US10061672 Implementing random content of program loops in random test generation for processor verification
US10061673 Testing system using different operating systems to test electronic products
US10061674 Determining and managing dependencies in a storage system
US10061675 Streaming engine with deferred exception reporting
US10061676 Remotely located timing method and device for a processing unit in an information processing system
US10061677 Fast automated detection of seasonal patterns in time series data without prior knowledge of seasonal periodicity
US10061678 Automated validation of database index creation
US10061680 Mobile application error monitoring system
US10061681 System for discovering bugs using interval algebra query language
US10061682 Detecting race condition vulnerabilities in computer software applications
US10061683 Systems and methods for collecting error data to troubleshoot product errors
US10061684 Enhanced service validation
US10061685 System, method, and computer program for high volume test automation (HVTA) utilizing recorded automation building blocks
US10061686 Method, electronic apparatus, system, and storage medium for automated testing of application user interface
US10061687 Self-learning and self-validating declarative testing
US10061688 Method and system to automatically enforce a hybrid branching strategy
US10061689 Distributed software testing
US10061690 Computing device and method for performing test of rehosting
US10061691 Write data optimization methods for non-volatile semiconductor memory devices
US10061692 Method and system for automated storage provisioning
US10061693 Method of generating secondary index and apparatus for storing secondary index
US10061694 Memory system and method for controlling non-volatile memory
US10061695 Memory system and operating method thereof
US10061696 Partial garbage collection for fast error handling and optimized garbage collection for the invisible band
US10061697 Garbage collection scope detection for distributed storage
US10061698 Reducing or avoiding buffering of evicted cache data from an uncompressed cache memory in a compression memory system when stalled write operations occur
US10061699 Multiple data channel memory module architecture
US10061700 System and method for managing transactions
US10061702 Predictive analytics for storage tiering and caching
US10061703 Prefetch insensitive transactional memory
US10061704 Systems and methods for managing cache of a data storage device
US10061705 Identifying instructions for decode-time instruction optimization grouping in view of cache boundaries
US10061706 System and method for eviction and replacement in large content-addressable flash caches
US10061707 Speculative enumeration of bus-device-function address space
US10061708 Mapped region table
US10061709 Systems and methods for accessing memory
US10061710 Storage device
US10061711 File access method and apparatus, and storage system
US10061712 Virtual memory page mapping overlays
US10061713 Associating cache memory with a work process
US10061715 Structure-preserving subgraph queries
US10061716 Storage device authentication
US10061717 Storing multiple encryption keys to protect data at rest
US10061718 Protecting secret state from memory attacks
US10061719 Packed write completions
US10061720 Storage system and signal transfer method
US10061722 Method to handle concurrent fatal events in a multicore execution environment
US10061723 Techniques for handling queued interrupts in a data processing system based on a saturation value
US10061724 Latency reduction for direct memory access operations involving address translation
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