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US10061725 Scanning memory for de-duplication using RDMA
US10061726 Precision time management (PTM) for USB retimers that accurately adjusts timestamp fields of isochronous timestamp packets (ITPS)
US10061727 Enhanced queue management
US10061728 Arbitration and hazard detection for a data processing apparatus
US10061729 Scalable multi-core system-on-chip architecture on multiple dice for high end microcontroller
US10061730 Routing of messages
US10061731 Selectable peripheral logic in programmable apparatus
US10061732 Enabling arrangement for an electronic device with housing-integrated functionalities and method therefor
US10061733 Peripheral interface chip and data transmission method thereof
US10061734 Adjustment of buffer credits and other parameters in a startup phase of communications between a plurality of channels and a control unit
US10061735 USB chipset
US10061736 Drive message router
US10061737 Signal processing device, method of signal processing, storage medium, and electronic musical instrument
US10061739 Portable instrument and docking station with divided universal serial bus communication device
US10061740 Receiver with signal arrival detection capability
US10061741 Graph display apparatus, graph display method and program recording medium
US10061743 Host based non-volatile memory clustering using network mapped storage
US10061744 Using RDMA for fast system recovery in virtualized environments
US10061746 Instruction and logic for a vector format for processing computations
US10061747 Storage of a matrix on a storage compute device
US10061748 Adaptive tile matrix representation and multiplication
US10061749 Systems and methods for contextual vocabularies and customer segmentation
US10061750 Arranging elements in a layout
US10061751 Promoting content
US10061752 Method and apparatus for generating a font of which style is changeable
US10061753 Systems and methods for content extraction from a mark-up language text accessible at an internet domain
US10061754 Method and apparatus for declarative updating of self-describing, structured documents
US10061755 Document editing system with design editing panel that mirrors updates to document under creation
US10061757 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for searching tabular data
US10061759 Progressive loading for web-based spreadsheet applications
US10061760 Adaptive layout of content in a digital magazine
US10061761 Real-time dynamic visual aid implementation based on context obtained from heterogeneous sources
US10061762 Method and device for identifying information, and computer-readable storage medium
US10061763 Document presentation interface based on intelligent mapping
US10061764 Mere-parsing with boundary and semantic driven scoping
US10061765 User interface operation based on similar spelling of tokens in text
US10061766 Systems and methods for domain-specific machine-interpretation of input data
US10061767 Analyzing user reviews to determine entity attributes
US10061768 Method and apparatus for improving a bilingual corpus, machine translation method and apparatus
US10061769 Machine translation method for performing translation between languages
US10061770 Multilingual idiomatic phrase translation
US10061771 Double-sided display simultaneous translation device, method and apparatus and electronic device
US10061772 Method and system for backup and recovery
US10061773 System and method for processing semi-structured data
US10061775 Scalable and persistent L2 adaptive replacement cache
US10061776 System and method for identification and consolidation of related concurrent document sessions
US10061777 Testing of lock managers in computing environments
US10061779 Method and computing device for allowing synchronized access to cloud storage systems based on stub tracking
US10061780 Information management command process device
US10061781 Shared data storage leveraging dispersed storage devices
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