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US10061834 Incremental out-of-place updates for datasets in data stores
US10061835 Establishing user-confidence levels of data inputs
US10061836 Delegating resembling data of an organization to a linked device
US10061837 Method and system for processing recommended target software
US10061838 Optimizing faceted classification through facet range identification
US10061839 Classifying, tagging, and searching data, information, content, and images
US10061840 Methods and systems for presenting data associated with a plurality of data sources
US10061841 Fast path traversal in a relational database-based graph structure
US10061842 Displaying answers in accordance with answer classifications
US10061843 Translating natural language utterances to keyword search queries
US10061844 Methods and systems for query segmentation in a search
US10061845 Analysis of unstructured computer text to generate themes and determine sentiment
US10061846 Extract operator
US10061847 Information targeting systems and methods
US10061848 Ontology-crowd-relevance deep response generation
US10061849 Override of automatically shared meta-data of media
US10061851 Encouraging inline person-to-person interaction
US10061852 Transparent proxy tunnel caching for database access
US10061854 Trusted maps: updating map locations using trust-based social graphs
US10061855 User-specific pronunciations in a social networking system
US10061856 Multimedia search using reshare text on online social networks
US10061857 Detecting and grouping users in electronic communications
US10061858 Method and apparatus for processing exploding data stream
US10061859 Computer implemented systems and methods for dynamic and heuristically-generated search returns of particular relevance
US10061861 Common declarative representation of application content and user interaction content processed by a user experience player
US10061864 Method and system for improving datacenter operations utilizing layered information model
US10061865 Determining answer stability in a question answering system
US10061866 Providing query recourse with embedded query adjustment options
US10061867 System and method for interactive multi-resolution topic detection and tracking
US10061868 Method and system for selecting surface finishes
US10061870 Automated metrology and model correction for three dimensional (3D) printability
US10061871 Linear blend skinning weight optimization utilizing skeletal pose sampling
US10061872 Techniques for suppressing unwanted clashes
US10061873 System for integrated design of electric plant of an industrial site
US10061874 Method for monitoring a process and/or production plant
US10061875 Relative permeability inversion from historical production data using viscosity ratio invariant step-function relative permeability approximations
US10061876 Bounded verification through discrepancy computations
US10061877 Physical modeling of electronic devices/systems
US10061878 Effectively solving structural dynamics problems with modal damping in physical coordinates
US10061879 Circuit design instrumentation for state visualization
US10061881 Circuit design system and circuit design method
US10061883 Reciprocal quantum logic (RQL) circuit synthesis
US10061884 Dummy pattern filling method
US10061885 Racetrack layout for radio frequency isolation structure
US10061886 Physically aware test patterns in semiconductor fabrication
US10061887 Interrogatory cell-based assays and uses thereof
US10061888 System and method for selecting a respirator
US10061891 System and method for the analysis of biopotential signals using motion artifact removal techniques
US10061892 Apparatus and method for providing selectively zoomed image of medical item tray
US10061893 Method and apparatus for controlling electronic medical record system based output window
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