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US10061894 Systems and methods for medical referral analytics
US10061895 System for providing identification and information, and for scheduling alerts
US10061896 Graphical user interfaces including touchpad driving interfaces for telemedicine devices
US10061897 Systems and methods to improve lung function protocols
US10061898 Avatar-based charting method and system for assisted diagnosis
US10061900 Systems and methods for fitness reporting using payment cards
US10061901 Prediction method for mixed solvent for minimizing amount of single solvent used, and system using same
US10061903 Data processing method and electronic device thereof
US10061904 Digital rights management with irregular network access
US10061905 Method and system for conditional access via license of proprietary functionality
US10061906 Object rendering systems and methods
US10061907 File origin determination
US10061908 Program editing device, program management device, and computer readable medium
US10061909 Device authentication based on behavior classification using convolution neural network
US10061910 Secure biometric data capture, processing and management for selectively prohibiting access to a data storage component from an application execution environment
US10061911 Local user authentication with neuro and neuro-mechanical fingerprints
US10061912 Multi-factor authentication system and method
US10061913 Slider authenticator
US10061914 Account recovery protocol
US10061915 Posture assessment in a secure execution environment
US10061916 Systems and methods for measuring peer influence on a child
US10061917 Network operations center and appliance host in a single machine
US10061918 System, apparatus and method for filtering memory access logging in a processor
US10061919 Computing platform security methods and apparatus
US10061920 Secure platform implementing dynamic countermeasures
US10061921 Methods and systems for detecting computer security threats
US10061922 System and method for malware detection
US10061923 Safe and secure internet or network connected computing machine providing means for processing, manipulating, receiving, transmitting and storing information free from hackers, hijackers, virus, malware etc.
US10061924 Detecting malicious code based on deviations in executable image import resolutions and load patterns
US10061925 Detecting attacks by matching of access frequencies and sequences in different software layers
US10061926 Method and system for unlocking and deleting file and folder
US10061927 Storage medium having stored therein boot program, information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, semiconductor apparatus, and storage medium having stored therein program
US10061928 Security-enhanced computer systems and methods
US10061929 Secure content sharing
US10061930 Strong confirmation mechanism for manipulation of sensitive configuration data
US10061931 Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium storing program for implementing the method
US10061932 Securing portable data elements between containers in insecure shared memory space
US10061933 System and method for controlling the power states of a mobile computing device
US10061934 Access to a wearable computing system using randomized input origins
US10061935 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
US10061936 Systems and methods of identity protection and management
US10061937 Protecting confidential information
US10061938 Moving a portion of a streaming application to a public cloud based on sensitive data
US10061939 Computing confidential data insight histograms and combining with smoothed posterior distribution based histograms
US10061940 Secure protection processor and method including comparing an instruction security attribute of an instruction and a security attribute of an operational event
US10061941 Systems and methods for multiport to multiport cryptography
US10061942 Secure storage of an electronic subscriber identity module on a wireless communication device
US10061943 Keyboard monitoring to protect confidential data
US10061944 Electronic whiteboard system, electronic whiteboard access right giving method and its program
US10061945 Method and apparatus for location-based recovery of stolen mobile devices
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