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US10061946 Method and apparatus for industrial identification mark verification
US10061947 Wireless user authentication system
US10061948 Systems and methods for emulating RFID transponders of a plurality of medical devices
US10061950 Inventory-cycle-based RFID tag location
US10061951 Methods and systems for localizing articles comprising passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tags
US10061952 Arrangement for, and method of, detecting passage of objects associated with radio frequency (RF) identification (RFID) object tags through a portal
US10061953 Devices and systems for barcoding individual wells and vessels
US10061954 On-screen code stabilization
US10061955 Proximity-based linking for wearable group communication device
US10061956 Active reflected light identification (RLID) device
US10061957 Methods for mapping power generation installations
US10061958 Methods and a computing device for determining whether a mark is genuine
US10061959 Electronic apparatus with multi-finger fingerprint identifying function
US10061961 Sensor-compatible overlay
US10061962 Fingerprint identification module and manufacturing method thereof
US10061963 Active sensing element for acoustic imaging systems
US10061965 Fingerprint sensing unit and fingerprint sensing module
US10061966 Fingerprint identification apparatus
US10061967 Fan-out semiconductor package
US10061968 Method for assembling fingerprint identification module and fingerprint sensor cutting method
US10061969 Fingerprint unlocking method and terminal
US10061970 Method for controlling unlocking and mobile terminal
US10061971 Enrollment and authentication on a mobile device
US10061972 Image analysis systems and related methods
US10061973 Method and apparatus for automated platelet identification within a whole blood sample from microscopy images
US10061974 Method and system for classifying and identifying individual cells in a microscopy image
US10061975 Confirming compliance with a configuration
US10061976 Device for capturing person-specific data
US10061977 Determining a mood for a group
US10061978 Method and device for assessing muscular capacities of athletes using short tests
US10061979 Image processing apparatus and method
US10061980 Digital verification of modified documents
US10061981 Security improvements for tickets
US10061982 Hand-attachable wearable device capable of iris recognition indoors and/or outdoors
US10061983 Tracking apparatus, tracking method, and non-transitory storage medium storing tracking program
US10061984 Processing an image to identify a metric associated with the image and/or to determine a value for the metric
US10061985 Video understanding platform
US10061986 Systems and methods for identifying activities in media contents based on prediction confidences
US10061987 Differential scoring: a high-precision scoring method for video matching
US10061988 Systems and methods for defining and analyzing video clusters based on video image frames
US10061989 Information transfer apparatus and method for image recognition
US10061990 Entity detection
US10061991 Method of data visualization and data sorting
US10061992 Image display system
US10061993 Warning method of obstacles and device of obstacles
US10061994 Driving-support-image generation device, driving-support-image display device, driving-support-image display system, and driving-support-image generation program
US10061995 Imaging system to detect a trigger and select an imaging area
US10061996 Face recognition method and system for personal identification and authentication
US10061998 System and method for scheduling plurality of imaging tasks in a medical imaging system
US10061999 System and method for using segmentation to identify object location in images
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