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US10062001 Method for line and word segmentation for handwritten text images
US10062002 Technologies for determining local differentiating color for image feature detectors
US10062003 Real-time, model-based object detection and pose estimation
US10062004 Arrangement detection apparatus and pickup apparatus
US10062005 Multi-scale correspondence point matching using constellation of image chips
US10062006 Image sensing apparatus, object detecting method thereof and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
US10062007 Apparatus and method for creating an image recognizing program having high positional recognition accuracy
US10062008 Image based object classification
US10062009 Generating event definitions based on spatial and relational relationships
US10062010 System for building a map and subsequent localization
US10062011 Systems and methods for machine learning enhanced by human measurements
US10062012 Finding patterns in a design based on the patterns and their surroundings
US10062013 Method of image processing
US10062014 Deep image-to-image network learning for medical image analysis
US10062015 Methods and apparatus for identifying objects depicted in a video using extracted video frames in combination with a reverse image search engine
US10062016 Light scanning device and image forming apparatus with the same
US10062017 Print engine with adaptive processing
US10062018 Print control system, print control apparatus, print control method, and storage medium that determine whether printing can be performed based on paper information
US10062019 Method, device and computer program product for processing print data to generate a print image on a print substrate
US10062020 Generating raised print data
US10062021 Image processing apparatus, information processing method and storage medium
US10062022 Information code, information code producing method, information code reader, and system which uses information code
US10062023 Method for concealing hidden-object information, device and program for concealing hidden-object information, method for extracting hidden-object information, and device for extracting hidden-object information
US10062024 Systems and methods for spike suppression for dynamic magnetic stripe communications devices
US10062026 RFID tag with anti-tamper assembly
US10062027 Golf ball incorporating IC chip and method of manufacturing the same
US10062028 Method and system to count movements of persons from vibrations in a floor
US10062029 Information processing apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
US10062030 Tree structured data transform, by determining whether a predicate of a rule matches a given node in a set and applying a function responsive to the match
US10062033 Analysis of team behaviors using role and formation information
US10062034 Method and system for obtaining and analyzing information from a plurality of sources
US10062035 Using variable length representations for machine learning statistics
US10062036 Predictive path characteristics based on non-greedy probing
US10062037 Self-assembling learning system and apparatus
US10062038 Generation and use of trained file classifiers for malware detection
US10062039 Methods and apparatus for asynchronous and interactive machine learning using word embedding within text-based documents and multimodal documents
US10062040 Kiosk for energy industry logistics
US10062042 Electronically assigning tasks to workers while the workers are distributed among different locations within a work area
US10062043 System and method for dynamically coordinating tasks, schedule planning, and workload management
US10062044 Method and system for prioritizing and allocating well operating tasks
US10062045 Project workspace prioritization
US10062046 Dynamic rate matching for material handling
US10062047 Automated loading and unloading items
US10062048 Systems and methods to distribute and authenticate product delivery lockers
US10062049 Systems and processes for tracking items
US10062050 Image-based inventory control system with automatic calibration and image correction
US10062051 Estimation of third party inventory
US10062052 Advanced logistics analysis capabilities environment
US10062053 Spare component ownership planning system and method
US10062055 Locating previously communicated electronic messages
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