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US10062056 Method and system for updating message threads
US10062057 Electronic meeting intelligence
US10062060 Optical character recognition pre-verification system
US10062061 Pay-by-phone parking system aided by a vision based monitoring device
US10062062 Automated teller machine (ATM) providing money for loyalty points
US10062063 Automated banking machine with slide mounted devices
US10062064 Stored value card kiosk system and method
US10062065 Settlement system
US10062066 Systems and methods for retrieving items for a customer at checkout
US10062067 Object recognition device, checkout terminal, and method for processing information
US10062068 Checkout workstation
US10062069 Systems and methods regarding point-of-recognition optimization of onsite user purchases at a physical location
US10062070 Electronic money system, electronic value transfer method, mobile terminal, method for controlling mobile terminal, program product, and recording medium on which program product is recorded
US10062071 Systems and methods for facilitating item searching and linking transactions functionality in mobile commerce
US10062072 Facilitating sending and receiving of peer-to-business payments
US10062073 System and method for providing a BLUETOOTH low energy mobile payment system
US10062074 System for improving card on file transactions
US10062075 Systems and methods for using a dual function medical benefits card
US10062076 System and method for a mobile wallet
US10062077 Automatic data transfer
US10062078 Fraud detection and transaction review
US10062079 Payment account identifier system
US10062080 Method and apparatus for optimizing and simplifying the enforcement of building energy efficiency regulations
US10062082 Method and system for identifying payment card holder interests and hobbies
US10062083 Method and system for clustering and classifying online visual information
US10062084 Using ontological distance to measure unexpectedness of correlation
US10062085 Applying relative weighting schemas to online usage data
US10062086 Method for operating a bonus system and bonus system
US10062087 Method and apparatus for providing mission service based on user life log in wireless communication system
US10062088 Information distribution apparatus, information distribution method, and storage medium
US10062089 Graph-based compression of data records
US10062090 System and methods to display three dimensional digital assets in an online environment based on an objective
US10062091 Publisher paywall and supplemental content server integration
US10062092 Constraining ad service based on app content
US10062093 Companion advertisements on remote control devices
US10062094 User interface for accessing an applet in a browser on a mobile device
US10062095 Apparatus and method for facilitating a purchase using information provided on a media playing device
US10062096 System and method for listing items for purchase based on revenue per impressions
US10062097 Three-dimensional body scanning and apparel recommendation
US10062098 Recommendation engine
US10062099 Product identification based on location associated with image of product
US10062100 Methods and systems for identifying visitors to real-world shopping venues as belonging to a group
US10062101 Maximizing the propensity of content consumption according to content complexity and content consumption time
US10062102 Interactive information display
US10062103 Native e-commerce transactables for familiar user environments
US10062104 Customizing an application
US10062105 Stylus
US10062106 Menu sharing systems and methods for teledining
US10062109 Systems and methods for financing merchant business needs
US10062112 Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for calculating a housing volatility index
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