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US10062113 System and method for displaying a view of market depth on a graphical user interface
US10062114 Multi-broker order routing based on net position
US10062115 Method and apparatus for high-speed processing of financial market depth data
US10062116 System and method for providing market data in an electronic trading environment
US10062117 Providing loan services in the event of a total loss claim
US10062118 Concepts for providing an insurance quote
US10062119 Method for automated crop insurance loss adjusting for prevented planting conditions
US10062121 Dynamic portal dashboards system and method
US10062124 System and method for construction estimating
US10062125 Presenting rates for travel services
US10062126 Method and system for controlling vehicles and drones
US10062128 Accessing data from multiple disparate systems through a graph
US10062129 Systems and methods for a home market alert service
US10062130 Generating authenticated instruments for oral agreements
US10062131 Assignment guidance in curation learning
US10062132 Parking guidance and parking services provided through wireless beacons
US10062133 Image retrieval for computing devices
US10062134 Methods and apparatus to perform symbol-based watermark detection
US10062135 Graphics processing unit management system for computed tomography
US10062136 Recording medium having stored image display control program, information processing system, and image display control method
US10062137 Communication between integrated graphics processing units
US10062138 Rendering apparatus and method
US10062139 Vertex shaders for binning based graphics processing
US10062140 Graphics processing systems
US10062141 Server-based fast remote display on client devices
US10062142 Stutter buffer transfer techniques for display systems
US10062143 Method and apparatus for compressing randomly accessed data
US10062144 Construction and evolution of invariants to rotational and translational transformations for electronic visual image recognition
US10062145 Method for mapping crystal orientations in a sample made of a polycrystalline material
US10062146 System and method for morphing a CAD design element
US10062147 Scaling a fixed font used by a firmware interface
US10062148 Method for converting a color filter array
US10062149 Methods for blending resembling blocks and apparatuses using the same
US10062150 Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and storage medium
US10062151 Image deblurring method and apparatus
US10062152 System for conversion of low dynamic range images to high dynamic range images
US10062153 Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
US10062154 System and method for adaptive contrast enhancement
US10062155 Apparatus and method for detecting defect of image having periodic pattern
US10062156 Method and system for detecting defects on a substrate
US10062157 Compressive sensing for metrology
US10062158 Wafer nanotopography metrology for lithography based on thickness maps
US10062159 Method for locating a unit in an assembly
US10062160 Pattern weakness and strength detection and tracking during a semiconductor device fabrication process
US10062161 Endoscopic image diagnosis support system for computing average values of identification probabilities of pathological types
US10062162 System and method for the segmentation of optical coherence tomography slices
US10062163 Health information service system
US10062164 Method for the analysis of image data representing a three-dimensional volume of biological tissue
US10062165 Image processing device
US10062166 Trachea marking
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