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US10062167 Estimated local rigid regions from dense deformation in subtraction
US10062168 5D cone beam CT using deformable registration
US10062169 Method of providing a descriptor for at least one feature of an image and method of matching features
US10062170 Apparatus and method for extracting object
US10062171 3D reconstruction from photometric stereo with shadows
US10062172 Automated tattoo recognition techniques
US10062173 Composite image detection
US10062174 2D/3D registration
US10062175 Multiple target tracker and liquid crystal waveguide (LCWG) beam steerer for designation, range finding and active imaging
US10062176 Displacement detecting apparatus and displacement detecting method
US10062177 Placement of augmented reality objects using a guide marker
US10062178 Locating a portable device based on coded light
US10062179 Auto-calibration of probabilistic tracking parameters for DTI fibre tractography and compilation of tract probability comparison scales
US10062180 Depth sensor calibration and per-pixel correction
US10062181 Method and apparatus for rasterizing and encoding vector graphics
US10062183 Content adaptive display for emissive displays
US10062184 Medical image display control device, method of operation for same, and medical image display control program
US10062185 Method and apparatus for reducing variability of representations of regions of interest on reconstructions of medical imaging data
US10062186 Method for dynamically generating an adaptive multi-resolution image from algorithms selected based on user input
US10062187 Systems and methods for reducing computer resources consumption to reconstruct shape of multi-object image
US10062188 Customizable route planning using graphics processing unit
US10062189 Graphical display with integrated recent period zoom and historical period context data
US10062190 Analytic system for graphical interactive basis function selection
US10062191 System and method for rendering points without gaps
US10062192 Fast high-fidelity flood-filling on vector artwork
US10062193 Attribute based map marker clustering
US10062194 Split image page generating apparatuses, methods, and computer-readable storage mediums, and image content displaying apparatuses
US10062195 Method and device for processing a picture
US10062196 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium, for superimposing additional object on image object, based on specified attribute
US10062197 Animating a virtual object in a virtual world
US10062198 Systems and methods for generating computer ready animation models of a human head from captured data images
US10062199 Efficient rendering based on ray intersections with virtual objects
US10062200 System and method for displaying volumetric images
US10062201 Time-of-flight simulation of multipath light phenomena
US10062202 System and methods of generating a computer model of a composite component
US10062203 Voxelization of mesh representations
US10062204 Virtual three-dimensional instrument cluster with three-dimensional navigation system
US10062205 Systems and methods for generating an interactive floor plan
US10062206 Parallel micropolygon rasterizers
US10062207 Method and system for reconstructing a three-dimensional model of point clouds
US10062208 Systems and methods to provide interactive virtual environments
US10062209 Displaying an object in a panoramic image based upon a line-of-sight direction
US10062210 Apparatus and method for radiance transfer sampling for augmented reality
US10062211 Computer-readable recording medium recording information processing program, information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method
US10062212 Method and device for providing augmented reality output
US10062213 Augmented reality spaces with adaptive rules
US10062214 Rendering digital virtual environments utilizing full path space learning
US10062215 Automatic generation of 3D drawing objects based on a 2D design input
US10062216 Applying facial masks to faces in live video
US10062217 3D object localization with descriptor
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