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US10062323 Pixel, organic light emitting display device including the pixel and driving method of organic light emitting display device
US10062324 Luminance control device and display device comprising the same
US10062325 Pixel circuit and organic light emitting display device having the same
US10062326 Display device and method for driving same
US10062327 Data driver and organic light emitting display panel, display device, and driving method for sensing and compensating a mobility of the driving transistor
US10062328 Organic light emitting display device and driving method therefor
US10062329 Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
US10062330 Organic light emitting display device having compensation pixel structure
US10062331 Display device for controlling luminance and method for driving the same
US10062332 Display apparatus and a method of driving the same
US10062333 Backlight control and display mapping for high dynamic range images
US10062334 Backlight dimming control for a display utilizing quantum dots
US10062335 Erasure mechanism for electronic paper
US10062336 Method and device for transferring an electronic display device into a secured state, and controller for controlling an electronic display device
US10062337 Electrophoretic display device
US10062338 Photosensor device and image display device
US10062339 Data signal driving method, driving device and liquid crystal display device
US10062341 Driving method and driving apparatus, display device
US10062342 Liquid crystal display (LCD) Q-panel, LCD panel and LCD apparatus
US10062343 Driving control device of electro-optical panel, electro-optical device, imaging apparatus, and driving control method of electro-optical panel
US10062344 Voltage stabilizing device
US10062345 Curved liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
US10062346 Display device, method for driving display device and method for minimizing afterimage of display device
US10062347 Display apparatus and method for driving the same
US10062348 Scan driver and display having scan driver
US10062349 Display device and driving method thereof
US10062350 Voltage conversion circuit, display panel, and method for driving the display panel
US10062351 Amplifier and display driver including the same
US10062352 Redundancy in a display comprising autonomous pixels
US10062353 System to compensate for visual impairment
US10062354 System and methods for creating virtual environments
US10062355 System and method for color optimization
US10062357 Controlling light sources of a directional backlight
US10062358 Electronic device with ambient light sensor analog-to-digital converter
US10062359 Image compensation method applied to display and associated control circuit
US10062360 Method of driving 3D shutter glasseses (spectacles), a shutter spectacles apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus having the shutter spectacles apparatus
US10062361 Image display
US10062362 Electronic device including hidden display and method for displaying information thereof
US10062363 Apparatus and method for reducing image sticking in a mobile terminal
US10062364 Drumstick sleeve
US10062365 Variable mode electronic wind chime with changeable color lights
US10062366 Ringtone sequences based on music harmony, modulation symbols and calling telephone number
US10062367 Vocal effects control system
US10062368 Chord judging apparatus and chord judging method
US10062369 Acoustic resonator assembly having variable degrees of freedom
US10062370 Impedance matching toilet seat
US10062371 Nonwoven composite
US10062372 Detecting device proximities
US10062373 Selective audio isolation from body generated sound system and method
US10062374 Methods and apparatus for training a transformation component
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