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US10062375 Speech recognition using an operating system hooking component for context-aware recognition models
US10062376 Electronic apparatus and voice recognition method for the same
US10062377 Distributed pipelined parallel speech recognition system
US10062378 Sound identification utilizing periodic indications
US10062379 Adaptive beam forming devices, methods, and systems
US10062380 Auto dialing system and computer readable recording medium that stores program for executing auto dialing method
US10062381 Method and electronic device for providing content
US10062382 Operating method for microphones and electronic device supporting the same
US10062383 Customizing actions based on contextual data and voice-based inputs
US10062384 Analysis of content written on a board
US10062385 Automatic speech-to-text engine selection
US10062386 Signaling voice-controlled devices
US10062387 Systems and methods for contacting emergency personnel via voice recognition
US10062388 Acoustic and surface vibration authentication
US10062389 Decoding device, encoding device, decoding method, and encoding method
US10062390 Decoder for generating a frequency enhanced audio signal, method of decoding, encoder for generating an encoded signal and method of encoding using compact selection side information
US10062391 Audio processing device
US10062392 Method and device for estimating a dereverberated signal
US10062393 Method for recording sound of video-recorded object and mobile terminal
US10062394 Voice band detection and implementation
US10062395 Spectral recognition of percussive sounds
US10062396 Platter supported and driven turntable
US10062397 Tape head with step-like cross-sectional profile
US10062398 Magnetic head having arrays of tunnel valve read transducers
US10062399 Distributing tape drive abrasion
US10062400 Mode splitter between TE and TM polarization for heat-assisted magnetic recording
US10062401 Near field transducers (NFTS) including a protective layer and methods of forming
US10062402 Waveguide including first and second layers and manufacturing method thereof
US10062403 Magnetic tape device and head tracking servo method
US10062404 Method for manufacturing perpendicular magnetic recording medium
US10062405 Electronic device and method for operating the same
US10062406 Video masking processing method and apparatus
US10062407 MUX select control of two phase shifted data in write precompensation
US10062408 Automatic playback overshoot correction system
US10062409 Automated seamless video loop
US10062410 Automated seamless video loop
US10062412 Hierarchical segmentation and quality measurement for video editing
US10062414 Determining a future field of view (FOV) for a particular user viewing a 360 degree video stream in a network
US10062415 Synchronizing audio and video components of an automatically generated audio/video presentation
US10062416 Image decoding device, and image decoding method, image encoding device, and image encoding method
US10062417 Content-triggered highlight recording
US10062418 Data programming method and memory storage device
US10062419 Digtial circuit structures
US10062420 Memory devices having special mode access using a serial message
US10062421 Memory controller with staggered request signal output
US10062422 Various methods and apparatus for configurable mapping of address regions onto one or more aggregate targets
US10062423 Low standby power with fast turn on for non-volatile memory devices
US10062424 Electronic device
US10062425 Selectively activated synaptic device with ultrasmall dimension and low power consumption
US10062426 Field effect transistor constructions with gate insulator having local regions radially there-through that have different capacitance at different circumferential locations relative to a channel core periphery
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