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US10062427 Semiconductor memory device for controlling having different refresh operation periods for different sets of memory cells
US10062428 Refresh timing generation circuit, refresh control circuit and semiconductor apparatus with efficient current consumption
US10062429 System, apparatus and method for segmenting a memory array
US10062430 Multi channel semiconductor device having multi dies and operation method thereof
US10062431 SRAM with multiple power domains
US10062432 Resistive memory sensing
US10062433 Apparatuses and methods of reading memory cells
US10062434 Resistive memory device with trimmable driver and sinker and method of operations thereof
US10062435 Method, system and device for non-volatile memory device operation
US10062436 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with improved pre-charging for high speed operation
US10062438 3D vertical NAND semiconductor memory device and methods thereof
US10062439 Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the same
US10062440 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and reading method thereof
US10062441 Determining data states of memory cells
US10062442 Method for managing data blocks and method of data management for data storage device
US10062443 Memory circuit with leakage compensation
US10062444 Devices, system, and methods for implementing alternate control settings
US10062445 Parallel programming of one time programmable memory array for reduced test time
US10062446 Memory architecture with ECC and method for operating memory with ECC
US10062447 Power switch circuit
US10062448 Zero bias fuse cell
US10062449 Magnetic domain wall motion device based on modulation of spin-orbit torque
US10062450 Passive switched capacitor circuit for sampling and amplification
US10062451 Background memory test apparatus and methods
US10062452 Semiconductor memory device and operating method thereof
US10062453 Calibrating I/O impedances using estimation of memory die temperature
US10062454 Configurable system and method for debugging a circuit
US10062455 Pharmaceutical order verification for an automated pharmacy system
US10062456 Systems and methods for transitioning patient care from signal based monitoring to risk based monitoring
US10062457 Predictive notifications for adverse patient events
US10062458 SiC matrix fuel cladding tube with spark plasma sintered end plugs
US10062459 Material made of uranium, gadolinium and oxygen and use thereof as consumable neutron poison
US10062460 Control rod device mechanism inner diameter annulus ultra high pressure cavitation peening
US10062461 Spent fuel transfer device for transferring spent fuel between storage pools
US10062462 Facility for reducing radioactive material and nuclear power plant having the same
US10062463 Radiation protection equipment and radiation protection system provided with radiation protection equipment
US10062464 Tritium housing
US10062465 Dynamic beam aperture control to reduce radiation dose using collimator
US10062466 Apparatus, system and method for reducing radiation scatter in an imaging system
US10062467 X-ray generator output regulation
US10062468 Beam diffuser selector apparatus and system for a particle accelerator and method of use thereof
US10062469 Transparent conductive articles
US10062471 Additive formulation suitable for antistatic modification and improving the electrical conductivity of inanimate organic material
US10062472 Polyolefin molded product
US10062473 Silver-coated copper alloy powder and method for producing same
US10062475 System, composition and method of application of same for reducing the coefficient of friction and required pulling force during installation of wire or cable
US10062476 High power opto-electrical cable with multiple power and telemetry paths
US10062477 Electromagnetic-wave-absorbing filter
US10062478 Superconducting cable having outgoing coolant inside a conductor and return coolant outside the conductor, and device and method for cooling superconducting cable
US10062479 Method and arrangement for constructing a superconductive cable system
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