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US10062532 Method and circuit arrangement for the activation and parameterization of an electrical device
US10062533 Wall-mounted smart switches and outlets for use in building wiring for load control, home automation, and/or security purposes
US10062534 Disconnector and surge arrester including such disconnector
US10062535 Self-test GFCI device with dual solenoid coil electric control
US10062536 Fusible link unit
US10062537 Redundant fuse wires in a hold-down release apparatus
US10062538 Electron device and method for manufacturing an electron device
US10062539 Anode and x-ray generating tube, x-ray generating apparatus, and radiography system that use the anode
US10062540 Multi charged particle beam exposure method, and multi charged particle beam blanking apparatus
US10062541 Apparatus of plural charged-particle beams
US10062542 Particle beam microscope and method for operating a particle beam microscope
US10062543 Determining multi-patterning step overlay error
US10062544 Apparatus and method for minimizing thermal distortion in electrodes used with ion sources
US10062545 Apparatus and method for processing substrate using ion beam
US10062546 Sample holder and focused-ion-beam machining device provided therewith
US10062547 Plasma processing apparatus
US10062548 Gas injection system for ion beam device
US10062550 Substrate processing apparatus
US10062551 Sputtering apparatus and substrate processing apparatus
US10062552 Copper alloy sputtering target and manufacturing method of copper alloy sputtering target
US10062553 Sputtering apparatus and processing apparatus
US10062554 Metamaterial photocathode for detection and imaging of infrared radiation
US10062556 Electron induced dissociation devices and methods
US10062557 Mass spectrometer with interleaved acquisition
US10062559 Laser desorption electrospray ionization source
US10062560 Method of cleaning semiconductor device
US10062561 High-pressure annealing and reducing wet etch rates
US10062562 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus and recording medium
US10062563 Selective atomic layer deposition with post-dose treatment
US10062564 Method of selective gas phase film deposition on a substrate by modifying the surface using hydrogen plasma
US10062565 Nitride semiconductor element and nitride semiconductor package
US10062566 Semiconductor device, display substrate, display device, and method for manufacturing polysilicon film
US10062567 Reducing autodoping of III-V semiconductors by atomic layer epitaxy (ALE)
US10062568 Chemical vapor deposition method for fabricating two-dimensional materials
US10062569 Epitaxial wafer manufacturing method and epitaxial wafer
US10062570 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
US10062571 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
US10062572 Semiconductor structure and fabrication method thereof
US10062573 Embedded SONOS with triple gate oxide and manufacturing method of the same
US10062574 Wafer polishing apparatus and method
US10062575 Poly directional etch by oxidation
US10062576 Method for plasma etching a workpiece
US10062577 Method of fabricating III-V fin structures and semiconductor device with III-V fin structures
US10062578 Methods for etch of metal and metal-oxide films
US10062579 Selective SiN lateral recess
US10062580 Etchant, etching method using same, and method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate product
US10062581 Methods of forming an isolation structure and methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device including the same
US10062582 Fabrication method of package having ESD and EMI preventing functions
US10062584 Method for forming semiconductor structure
US10062585 Oxygen compatible plasma source
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