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US10063272 Portable device attachment
US10063273 Electronic device holder
US10063274 Method to build asymmetrical transmit/receive switch with 90 degrees impedance transformation section
US10063275 Method, computer program and network node for handling interference caused by inter-modulation
US10063276 Base-station device, terminal device, transmission method, and reception method
US10063277 Clock control circuit, demodulation device and spread spectrum method
US10063278 Reducing the feedback overhead during crosstalk precoder initialization
US10063279 Communication system, relay device, communication terminal, and base station
US10063281 Method and apparatus for launching a wave mode that mitigates interference
US10063282 Chip-to-chip signal transmission system and method for arranging chips thereof
US10063284 Isolation for communication and power
US10063285 Antenna device of electronic apparatus
US10063286 Electronic device that assists wireless communication by a memory card inserted in a slot thereof
US10063287 Base station router for distributed antenna systems
US10063288 Communication device and signal detection method
US10063290 Methods and procedures for non-linear precoding based multiuser multiple input multiple output
US10063291 Balance puzzle antenna beam searching method for multi-input multi-output operation
US10063292 Multi-user operation management
US10063293 Communication control apparatus, communication control method and terminal apparatus
US10063294 Spatial separation sub-system for supporting multiple-input/multiple-output operations in distributed antenna systems
US10063295 Tomlinson-Harashima precoding in an OTFS communication system
US10063296 Method for reporting channel state information, user equipment, and base station
US10063297 MIMO methods and systems
US10063298 Feedback based on codebook subset
US10063299 Precoding matrix set determining method and apparatus, and parameter indication information sending method and apparatus
US10063300 Computing PMIs, particularly in wireless communications systems having three-dimensional communications channels, using a reference antenna or a reference antenna subset
US10063301 MIMO beam steering for location-based data routing
US10063302 Short SSW frame format for SLS beamforming process between enabled, associated stations and method of preparing wireless communication
US10063304 Channel state information measurements for license-assisted access
US10063305 Communications link performance analyzer that accommodates forward error correction
US10063306 Method and systems using quasi-synchronous distributed CDD systems
US10063307 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals
US10063308 Radio frequency transmitter
US10063309 Method and system for addressing line of sight blockage in satellite communication networks
US10063311 System and architecture for space-based and mobile terrestrial sensor vehicles, and end-to-end network for aggregation and processing of sensor data
US10063312 Optical network unit reset message
US10063313 Synchronization of optical protection switching and loading of path specific characteristics
US10063314 Optical time domain reflectometer and method for detecting optical fiber by using the same
US10063315 Method and system for high-precision two-way fiber-optic time transfer
US10063316 Wall plate having a built-in modem for performing electrical-to-optical conversion, optical-to-electrical conversion and protocol-to-protocol conversion
US10063318 Combining uplink radio frequency (RF) communications signals in a remote unit in a wireless distribution system (WDS) using a differential mixer
US10063319 Hybrid data transport for a virtualized distributed antenna system
US10063320 Apparatus and method for implementing a photonic radio front end
US10063321 Framer, optical transmission device, and framing method
US10063322 Optical transmitter and control method of optical transmitter
US10063323 Fiber-based communication
US10063324 Signaling to enable serving cell interference suppression
US10063325 Transceiver for communication and method for controlling communication
US10063326 High frequency line flattener impedance matching network
US10063327 System and method for array antenna failure detection and antenna self-correction
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