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US10116100 Electrical connector
US10116101 Cable connector assembly having a thermistor affixed to a protective cover and method of making the cable connector assembly
US10116102 Wiring device compatible with user-interchangeable modules
US10116103 Power connector with integrated disconnect
US10116104 Electrical connector having a sub-housing with a short circuit terminal
US10116105 Illuminated printed circuit boards for connectors
US10116106 Cushion-mounted electrical outlets
US10116107 Connector production method and connector
US10116108 Track-lighting adapter with universal housing
US10116109 Threaded lamp socket conversion connector
US10116110 Rotor arrangement for a slip ring assembly and rotary coupling arrangement comprising a rotor arrangement of this kind
US10116111 Method and device for filament-based white light generation
US10116112 Laser oscillator
US10116113 Planar waveguide laser apparatus
US10116114 Method and system for generating a high laser power
US10116115 Integrated circuit implementing a VCSEL array or VCSEL device
US10116116 Printed circuit board and optical module
US10116117 LD module
US10116118 Optical transmitter and semiconductor laser temperature control method
US10116119 Compact laser device
US10116120 Semiconductor multilayer film mirror, vertical cavity type light-emitting element using the mirror, and methods for manufacturing the mirror and the element
US10116121 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
US10116122 Spark plug with shuttle electrode
US10116123 Inspection method and apparatus of spark plug insulator
US10116124 Ion generator and method of manufacturing the same
US10116125 Cold shrinkable termination, cold shrinkable termination assembly and method for manufacturing the same
US10116126 Outdoor unit of air conditioner
US10116127 Junction boxes with wrap-around compartments
US10116128 Universal wall box thread repair clip
US10116129 EOS event detection circuit for detecting EOS event on supply voltage rail coupled to power supply
US10116130 Distribution board, power consumption managing system, and methods for manufacturing distribution board and power consumption managing system
US10116131 Over-current protection circuits and liquid crystal devices
US10116132 Device for efficient direct current interruption
US10116134 Systems and methods for determining and utilizing customer energy profiles for load control for individual structures, devices, and aggregation of same
US10116135 Method and apparatus for voltage control in electric power systems
US10116136 Primary frequency control through simulated droop control with electric loads
US10116137 Programmable electrical control device
US10116138 Wind power plant, and a method for controlling a reactive current injection in a wind power plant
US10116139 Solar power lighted audio fishing tackle box
US10116140 Magnetically coupled solar power supply system
US10116141 System and method of energy resource delivery
US10116142 Load control apparatus, program, method, and system
US10116143 Integrated antenna arrays for wireless power transmission
US10116144 Wireless power transfer apparatus using enclosures with enhanced magnetic features and methods of fabricating the same
US10116145 Performance adjustment for wireless power transfer devices
US10116147 Battery managing device and battery managing method
US10116148 Secondary-battery protecting integrated circuit, secondary battery protection apparatus, and battery pack
US10116149 Automatic control system for a rechargeable battery system
US10116150 Conductive plate and electronic device having the same
US10116151 Battery charger rental kiosk system
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