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US10149915 Ultraviolet light disinfecting—nectar type bird feeder(s)
US10149916 Ion spraying apparatus, ion spraying system, and ion spraying method
US10149917 Fluid composition and a microfluidic delivery cartridge comprising the same
US10149918 Medical constructs of twisted lengths of collagen fibers and methods of making same
US10149919 Hardenable multi-part acrylic composition
US10149920 Implant with controlled porosity made of a hybrid material
US10149921 Implants having tantalum coated nanostructures
US10149922 Engineered collagen matrices for myocardial therapy
US10149923 Implants for soft and hard tissue regeneration
US10149925 Method of reducing the risk of embolization of peripheral blood vessels
US10149926 Hemostatic compositions and methods of making and using same
US10149927 Method and system for therapeutic use of ultra-violet light
US10149928 Adjustable reduced-pressure wound coverings
US10149929 Breast shield unit with media separation
US10149930 Methods and dressing systems for promoting healing of injured tissue
US10149931 Reduced-pressure dressings, systems, and methods employing desolidifying barrier layers
US10149932 Heart assist device with expandable impeller pump
US10149933 Coil parameters and control
US10149934 Arterial closure device
US10149935 Delivery system and method for the effective and reliable delivery of controlled amounts of a medical fluid
US10149936 Operable implant
US10149937 Infusion adapter for drug transfer assembly
US10149938 Distributed medication delivery method having autonomous delivery device
US10149939 Medicament delivery device
US10149940 Connector for fluid, and syringe
US10149941 Flush syringe having anti-reflux features
US10149942 Medicament delivery device
US10149943 Linear rotation stabilizer for a telescoping syringe stopper driverdriving assembly
US10149944 Syringe
US10149945 Injection device with dosing control means
US10149946 Assembly for a drug delivery device and drug delivery device
US10149947 Automatic drug injection device with sophisticated drive mechanism
US10149949 Drug delivery connectors
US10149950 Pre-filled, small-volume nebulizer and method of manufacture
US10149951 Controllable rate turbulating nozzle
US10149952 Continuous positive airway pressure device with user interface
US10149954 Device for providing breathable gas
US10149955 Laryngeal mask
US10149956 Bi-lateral endobronchial suctioning device and medical suctioning system for intubated patients
US10149957 Tracheal intubation system including a laryngoscope
US10149958 Systems and methods for computer assisted operation
US10149959 Night lamp with integrated water features
US10149960 Methods and devices to clear obstructions from medical tubes
US10149962 System and method for low-profile occlusion balloon catheter
US10149963 Catheter assembly
US10149964 Stretchable sleeve and wrap for protecting and securing catheter dressings and tubes on a patient
US10149965 Shape memory guide wire
US10149966 Reduced-pressure, liquid-collection canister with multi-orientation filter
US10149967 Suppository insertion device, suppository, and method of manufacturing a suppository
US10149968 Catheter-assisted tumor treatment
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