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US10149969 Skin treatment appliance with changeable workpiece
US10149970 Method and system for delivering solution into the pores of recipient human skin
US10149971 Antimicrobial stopcock medical connector
US10149972 Cell electric stimulator with subsurface electrodes for electric field shaping and separate electrodes for stimulation
US10149973 Multipart non-uniform patient contact interface and method of use
US10149974 Sub-epidermal electric warning device
US10149975 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device
US10149976 Placement of neural stimulators
US10149977 Spinal cord stimulator system
US10149978 Spinal cord modulation for inhibiting pain via short pulse width waveforms, and associated systems and methods
US10149979 System to estimate the location of a spinal cord physiological midline
US10149980 System and method for implantable electrical connector
US10149981 Authentication of shock therapy deferral
US10149982 Prevention and treatment of brain diseases and disorders related to abnormal protein aggregation through electromagnetic field treatment
US10149983 Skin tanning and phototherapy system and apparatus
US10149985 Methods and compositions for treating rosacea
US10149986 Optogenetic control of endothelial cells
US10149987 Method and system for generating synthetic electron density information for dose calculations based on MRI
US10149988 Detection of damage to X-ray targets in electron accelerators for radiotherapy
US10149989 Retainer assembly having a rotatable, releasable snap button engagement
US10149990 Portable, light-weight oxygen-generating breathing apparatus
US10149991 Energy absorber
US10149992 Multi-head array fire sprinkler system
US10149993 System and components for evaluating the performance of fire safety protection devices
US10149994 Adjustable drag resistance water exercise equipment
US10149995 Arm exercise apparatus including gloves and attached resistance bands
US10149996 Strength-enhancing glove
US10149997 Weighted bag
US10149998 Exerciser device including handles with springs
US10149999 Lower body exercise equipment with upper body pedals and methods of using the same
US10150000 Locking device for recumbent stepper
US10150001 Exercise device
US10150002 Health tracking devices
US10150003 Exercise machine adjustable resistance system and method
US10150004 Swim fin adapted for walking
US10150005 Golf ball
US10150006 Dimple patterns for golf balls
US10150007 Colored golf ball
US10150009 Golf ball incorporating thin moisture barrier film having low normalized moisture vapor transmission rate
US10150011 Golf ball incorporating at least three adjacent ionomeric and/or HNP-based layers having multiple related property gradients there between
US10150012 Golf ball incorporating at least three adjacent ionomeric and/or HNP-based layers having multiple related property gradients there between
US10150013 Rollback ball
US10150014 Recreational device with rotor assembly
US10150015 Frisbee
US10150016 Golf club with modifiable sole and crown features adjacent to leading edge
US10150018 Golf club heads with frequency modulation devices and related methods
US10150019 Striking face deflection structures in a golf club
US10150020 Golf club head with back cavity protrusion
US10150021 Golf club head
US10150022 Ball, throwing rod, and target assembly and method for playing a golf-type game
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