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US10150023 Sport skill training apparatus
US10150024 Vehicle-mounted exercise system
US10150026 Process to aid in motivation of personal fitness, health monitoring and validation of user
US10150028 Managing controller pairing in a multiplayer game
US10150029 Vibrating apparatus and vibrating method
US10150031 Methodology for equalizing systemic latencies in television reception in connection with games of skill played in connection with live television programming
US10150032 Device for interfacing with a computing program using a projected pattern
US10150034 Methods and systems for merging real world media within a virtual world
US10150035 Video game processing apparatus and video game processing program
US10150036 Apparatus and method for providing a computer implemented game
US10150037 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and storage medium having stored therein information processing program
US10150038 Computer-readable recording medium, computer apparatus, game processing method, and system
US10150039 Systems and methods for simulating a particular user in an interactive computer system
US10150040 Video game for enabling reversal of potentially-reversible real-world health conditions of players
US10150041 Gamification network administration between various administrators and sharing content thereof
US10150042 Sharing recorded gameplay
US10150043 Interactive smart beads
US10150044 Computerized yo-yo
US10150045 Writing instrument and a toy building set comprising such a writing instrument
US10150046 System and method for an edible piñata
US10150047 Hologram stage setting
US10150048 Method, system, and device for delivery of process gas
US10150049 Solar powered water purification device with cylindrical structure
US10150051 Mass transfer processes with limited sensible heat exchange
US10150052 System and method for evaporation and collection of liquids
US10150053 Process for treating fats and oils
US10150054 Multi directional device for vapor-solid mixing
US10150055 Method for separating iso-alkanes and cycloalkanes from an oil
US10150056 Lithium extraction with coated ion exchange particles
US10150057 Apparatus and method for separation of oil from oil-containing produced water
US10150058 System and method for emulsion breaking and phase separation by droplet adhesion
US10150059 Small portable system for electrocoagulative fluid purification
US10150060 Device for degassing liquids
US10150061 Separator nipple
US10150063 Hydrodynamic separator
US10150064 Filter apparatus
US10150065 Extraction structure, extraction module, and liquid pretreatment device
US10150067 Filter cartridge
US10150068 Water separator element comprising water detection electrodes
US10150069 Water level sensor device for a fuel filter
US10150070 Interlaced Filtration Barrier
US10150071 Filter guide ring
US10150072 Support tube, filter element and filter system having a support tube and method and device for producing the support tube
US10150073 Air cleaner
US10150074 Air filter element and air filter
US10150075 Pin filter
US10150076 Honeycomb monolith structure
US10150077 Air dryer control using humidity
US10150078 Amount of seawater control device for scrubber, amount of seawater control method for scrubber, and amount of alkali control device and amount of alkali control method
US10150079 Carbon dioxide chemical sequestration from industrial emissions by carbonation
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