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US10150080 Microorganism including gene encoding protein having dehalogenase activity and method of reducing concentration of fluorinated methane in sample using the same
US10150081 Wellhead emission control system
US10150082 Catalyst for internal combustion engine exhaust gas purification, and system for same
US10150083 Separation of mixed xylenes
US10150085 Membrane-forming dope for carbon membranes and a method for producing a carbon hollow fiber membrane using the same
US10150086 Method for producing a carbon hollow fiber membrane
US10150087 Organic solvent purifier and method of using
US10150088 Zwitterion-containing membranes
US10150089 Apparatuses, systems and methods for efficient solubilization of carbon dioxide in water using high energy impact
US10150090 Bioreactor systems with tube supports
US10150091 Apparatus for addition of droplets of a monomer solution to a reactor
US10150092 Float valve for a chemical reactor
US10150093 Microstructure reactor for carrying out exothermic heterogenously-catalysed reactions with efficient evaporative cooling
US10150094 Metal adsorbent and a method of making thereof
US10150095 Porous metal-organic framework with pyrimidine groups for methane storage exhibiting high working capacity
US10150096 Heteroatom rich organic polymers with ultra-small pore apertures for carbon dioxide separation and/or conversion
US10150097 Honeycomb adsorbent, method of manufacturing the honeycomb adsorbent and canister
US10150100 Use of manganese oxide and activated carbon fibers for removing a particle, volatile organic compound or ozone from a gas
US10150101 Paste for manufacturing photocatalyst and manufacturing method of photocatalyst
US10150102 Catalyst regeneration process
US10150103 SCR catalyst having improved adhesion of the zeolite-containing catalytic layer
US10150104 Method for preparing aromatization catalysts
US10150105 Hydrocarbon conversion using UZM-53
US10150106 Method for forming a zeolite catalyst and use thereof to form a BTX-rich stream
US10150107 Oxygen-absorbing resin composition
US10150108 Catalytic composition and process for oligomerizing ethylene into 1-hexene
US10150110 Method for making and using a solid-supported catalyst
US10150112 Air collector with functionalized ion exchange membrane for capturing ambient CO2
US10150113 Polymer and method for preparing the same
US10150114 Test elements for detecting at least one analyte in a body fluid, as well as methods of manufacturing the same
US10150115 System and method for rehydrating powder and delivering the rehydrated powder to a reactor
US10150116 Concentrating particles in a microfluidic device
US10150118 Controlled transfer biological sample collection devices and methods of using such devices
US10150119 Rotary sampling valve and device equipped with such a valve
US10150120 Gas treatment apparatus
US10150121 Combined shower
US10150122 Shower head structure
US10150123 Powder spray gun comprising a wear resistant electrode support
US10150124 Feed center for dense phase system
US10150125 Discharge head for a metering dispenser and a metering dispenser
US10150126 Cosmetic container capable of storing and discharging two kinds of contents
US10150127 Foam dispensing assembly
US10150128 Air assisted severance of fluid stream
US10150129 Paint application device
US10150130 Repelling pests, animate or inanimate, with projectiles
US10150131 Dual applicator fluid dispensing methods and systems
US10150132 Thin film fabricating apparatus, and manufacturing method of organic light emitting device using the same, and organic light emitting device manufactured using the same
US10150133 Bore masking system
US10150134 Liquid dispensing applicators having backpressure control devices, and related methods
US10150136 Rapid changeover slot die assembly for a fluid application device
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