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US10150137 Adhesive dispensing system and method using smart melt heater control
US10150138 Interface for inserting bonding material between the joins of two interlocking members
US10150139 Method for operating an inline coating system and inline coating system
US10150140 Superhydrophobic and self-cleaning substrate and a method of coating
US10150141 Manufacturing process for integrated computational elements
US10150142 Coating method for forming flame retardant substrate
US10150143 Apparatus and method for clearing water from a window
US10150144 Hose handling system and methods of use
US10150145 Automatic, volumetric flushing apparatus for reducing contaminants in a plumbing system
US10150146 Portable gas monitor
US10150147 Piercing plug
US10150148 Bar unloading apparatus of the revolver type provided with braking device
US10150149 Systems and methods for making panels from sheet material using adaptive control
US10150150 Cylindrical tube formation
US10150151 Metal tab bending tool and method for securing an upright stud in place and relative to an elongated track
US10150152 Sheet metal forming method and apparatus
US10150153 Systems and methods to axially align dies
US10150154 Tube bending machine with reversible clamp assembly
US10150155 Rivet tape mending process and system
US10150156 Casting tree and method of assembly
US10150157 Buoyancy transfer jig
US10150158 Method and assembly for forming components having internal passages using a jacketed core
US10150159 Casting apparatus and method for forming multi-textured, single crystal microstructure
US10150160 Universal one-pot and up-scalable synthesis of SERS encoded nanoparticles
US10150161 Contact arrangement for use in an apparatus for producing three-dimensional work pieces
US10150162 Iron-based sintered alloy for sliding member and production method therefor
US10150164 Handheld machining device, particularly for drilling
US10150165 Self-lubricated drill block
US10150166 Method, system, computer programme and a computer programme product for working of a work piece
US10150167 Rotary boring tool alignment and depth indication system
US10150168 Drill
US10150169 System for releasable coupling of a hole saw to a drill arbor
US10150170 Insert and tool holder for mounting same
US10150171 Miter saw linear movement assembly
US10150172 Band saw blade sensor and control system
US10150173 Welding type power supply with wind tunnel
US10150174 Systems and methods to convert welding power to auxiliary power
US10150175 Gas systems, welding systems, and methods of welding
US10150176 Barrel tank seam welder system
US10150177 Rotary changer
US10150178 Method and apparatus for vibration welding
US10150179 Hollow profile connection-gusset plate
US10150180 Laser machining head
US10150181 Separation and recovery apparatus and method of taking out component using same
US10150183 Method of forming a coating or of three-dimensional structural elements on substrate surfaces, which is/are formed by TiAl, by laser build-up welding
US10150184 Method of forming a cladding layer having an integral channel
US10150185 Method for producing metal ball, joining material, and metal ball
US10150186 Brazing method
US10150187 Trailing edge cooling arrangement for an airfoil of a gas turbine engine
US10150188 Method of ceramic matrix composite repair
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