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US10150189 Condensate trap for heating-cooling systems
US10150190 Processing machine line
US10150191 Tool changer
US10150192 Alignment tool and method of use
US10150193 High-pressure cutting fluid apparatus of turret head of machine tool
US10150194 Apparatus, kit and method for a tram adapter for an alignment tool
US10150195 Method for manufacturing stop collar for pipe fitting device and stop collar
US10150196 Method and automated rover device for surface treatment
US10150197 Composite wheel deburring device
US10150198 Method for inspecting cutting blade
US10150199 Method and system for controlling an orbital sander
US10150200 Grinding robot system
US10150201 Grinding machine casing for a grinding machine
US10150203 Reduced noise abrasive blasting systems
US10150204 Abrasive tool for machining surfaces
US10150205 Fastening tools with floating magnet sleeves
US10150206 Screwdriver tool
US10150207 Tool for rotating two components of assembly relative to each other
US10150208 Muzzle suitable for holding nail clamps
US10150209 Hydraulic hammering device
US10150210 Power hand tool with improved oscillating eccentric and fork mechanism
US10150211 Steering-switching and hands-changing assembly for a pneumatic tool
US10150212 Hand tool with foldable working part
US10150213 Guide placement by a robotic device
US10150214 Method for controlling an industrial robot by touch
US10150215 Robot control device and robot
US10150216 Robot cleaner
US10150217 Tool adapter for robot wrist and robot with tool adapter attached thereto
US10150218 Automated digit interchange
US10150219 Gripper device and a packing system including such a gripper device
US10150220 Manipulator control method, manipulator, and manipulator system
US10150221 Utility knife assembly with two blades
US10150222 Multi-tool assembly
US10150223 Control system with a handling knob
US10150224 Electric hair clipper
US10150225 Tubing cutter
US10150226 Robotic apparatus for processing timber used in construction of a log home
US10150227 Method for producing wood fibre pellets
US10150228 Multi-position articulating clamp and associated use thereof
US10150229 Circumferential stiffeners for composite fancases
US10150231 Method for manufacturing photo cured material
US10150232 Process for producing articles formed from polylactic acid and articles made therefrom
US10150233 Method and apparatus for reducing ply wrinkling of composite laminates during forming
US10150234 Method for manufacturing an interior lining part and corresponding part
US10150235 Forming device for insulation
US10150236 Method of positioning and holding an air permeable media within a mold prior to closure and through encapsulation, and an overmolded HCA trap produced by the method
US10150237 Methods for making flexible containers and associated products
US10150238 Injection molding machine controlling drive of movable part with motor
US10150239 Extruder for three-dimensional additive printer
US10150240 Sweeper roller, plastic film manufacturing device that uses same, and manufacturing method
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