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US10150241 High stretch ratio preforms and related containers and methods
US10150242 Mold for container with handle
US10150243 Gripping device for engaging preforms
US10150244 Dental appliances with shaped material components
US10150246 Method for surface treatment of thermoplastic polyurethane texture with laminated deep and shallow drawings
US10150247 3D printing using spiral buildup and high viscosity build materials
US10150248 Downloadable three-dimensional models
US10150250 Moulded plastic articles with contact between two dissimilar plastics
US10150251 Connecting systems for adjacent ends of insulation tubing
US10150252 Method of recoupling components during reprocessing
US10150254 Apparatus and method for the separation of a foil from a material layer
US10150255 Direct metal electrophotography additive manufacturing methods
US10150256 Polyester powder compositions, methods and articles
US10150257 System and method for reducing three-dimensional additive manufacturing production time
US10150258 Additive manufacturing of embedded materials
US10150259 Method for manufacturing a bumper structure
US10150260 Method and apparatus for dispensing refrigerated fiber prepreg rolls
US10150261 Epoxy core with expandable microspheres
US10150262 System and method for cutting material in continuous fiber reinforced additive manufacturing
US10150263 Testing arrangement for controlling the manufacturing of a component
US10150264 Hybrid polymer container
US10150265 Method of manufacturing a synthetic skin and tissue model
US10150266 Sealant liquid container
US10150267 Product such as a tire with RFID tag with rubber, elastomer, or polymer antenna
US10150270 High pressure press and method of making the same
US10150271 Press machine and method of controlling press machine
US10150272 Air bag machine
US10150273 Coextruded, crosslinked multilayer polyolefin foam structures from recycled metallized polyolefin material and methods of making the same
US10150274 Assembly for creating custom objects with adhesive from printable blank sheets
US10150275 Metallized polyethylene film with improved metal adhesion
US10150276 Outer covering material for vacuum heat insulation material and vacuum heat insulation material comprising same
US10150277 Connection element, connection arrangement, method for producing a connection element and method for producing a connection arrangement
US10150278 System and method for sealing open ends of multi-wall sheets
US10150279 Panel laminating method, panel assembly and electronic device
US10150280 Apparatus for fabrication of three dimensional objects
US10150281 Three-dimensional object division output apparatus and its application
US10150282 System and method for additive manufacture of chemical delivery devices using halftone screening
US10150283 Control process for intaglio printing and control strip for this purpose
US10150284 Sheet assembly for three-dimensional informational card
US10150285 Formation of a crease and an image on media
US10150286 Liquid discharging unit and liquid discharging device
US10150287 Conveying device and printing apparatus
US10150288 Inkjet recording apparatus
US10150289 Dot recording apparatus, inspection apparatus, and inspection method
US10150290 Print element substrate and printing device
US10150291 Print element substrate and liquid ejection head
US10150292 Liquid discharge head, manufacturing method therefor, and recording method
US10150293 Electromechanical transducer element, method for producing electromechanical transducer element, liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting unit, and apparatus for ejecting liquid
US10150294 Inkjet head and inkjet printer
US10150295 Liquid ejection head and method for manufacturing the same
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