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US10150351 Machine learning for olfactory mood alteration
US10150352 Illuminated window assemblies having light-diffusing elements
US10150353 Door structure for vehicle
US10150354 Automotive door structure for sail mounted mirrors
US10150355 Self-adjusting spacer device
US10150356 Glass run
US10150357 Vehicle having an energy storage means
US10150358 Generator and electrical motor for multi-axle vehicles
US10150359 Link structure between in-wheel motor drive device and damper, and suspension device including the link structure
US10150360 Cooling structure of operating machine and operating machine
US10150361 Motor vehicle and energy storage device
US10150362 Radiator unit for a motor vehicle
US10150363 Scooter-type vehicle
US10150364 Fluid containers to evacuate spilled fluid from the interior of an enclosure of the fluid container
US10150365 Systems and methods for coordinating remote fuel delivery to vehicles
US10150366 Work machine with tank supported on bonnet
US10150367 PTO speed control system for work vehicle
US10150368 Transaxle and power take-off unit
US10150369 Bi-directional overrunning clutch
US10150371 Regenerative braking method
US10150372 Power factor improving circuit and charger for vehicles employing the same
US10150373 Compact charging device for electric vehicle
US10150374 Electric vehicle supply equipment and a method of determining a state of a contactor in electric vehicle supply equipment
US10150375 Method for pairing wireless charging system to vehicle
US10150376 Energy transfer system and method for the diagnosis of an energy transfer system
US10150378 Apparatus for performing hybrid power control in an electronic device with aid of separated power output nodes for multi-purpose usage of boost
US10150379 Charging control device, vehicle, vehicle charging system, charging control method, and program
US10150380 Dynamic allocation of power modules for charging electric vehicles
US10150381 Street light mounted network-controlled charge transfer device for electric vehicles
US10150382 Adapter for a connectivity system
US10150383 EV adaptive thermal management system optimized to minimize power consumption
US10150384 Power control apparatus for fuel cell vehicle
US10150385 Occupant discrimination system of vehicle seat
US10150386 Autonomous vehicle seat positioning system
US10150387 Vehicle seat recliner assembly
US10150388 Actuating device, in particular for a vehicle seat, and vehicle seat
US10150389 Car seat and connection system
US10150390 Child car seat and base
US10150391 Vehicle seat
US10150392 Combat vehicle seat installation for protection of occupants from the effects of ground explosions
US10150393 Fitting with a pivoting-forwards mechanism and easy-entry latch, and vehicle seat with such a fitting
US10150394 Headrest and seat including the same
US10150395 Electronic device support for vehicles
US10150396 Vehicle cup holder assembly with photoluminescent accessory for increasing the number of available cup holders
US10150397 Vehicle storage structure
US10150398 Devices, systems, and methods related to extracting infill from artificial turf
US10150399 System for raising and lowering vehicle
US10150400 Vehicle for receiving and delivering agricultural seeds and other granular material
US10150401 Material handling system for facilitating selective material movement and methods for employing such a system
US10150402 Pipe deployment trailer
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