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US10149473 Aminoindanes amides having a high fungicidal activity and their phytosanitary compositions
US10149474 Herbicidal compositions comprising isoxaflutole and diflufenican
US10149475 Stable aqueous dispersions of biocides
US10149476 Pesticidal plant extract containing loline derivatives
US10149477 Substituted pyrimidinium compounds for combating animal pests
US10149478 Biologically active formulation
US10149479 Preparation method and use of an atomic-state fluid iodine and its derived nano-iodine
US10149480 Use of Burkholderia formulations, compositions and compounds to modulate crop yield and/or corn rootworm infestation
US10149481 Arthropod control compositions and methods
US10149482 Seal arrangement for horizontal mixer bowl
US10149483 Ready-to-bake batter and methods of making the same
US10149485 Method, processing device and processing line for mechanically processing an organ or organs taken out from slaughtered poultry
US10149487 Supercooled beverage crystallization slush device with illumination
US10149488 Machine for the production and dispensing of ice cream and the like, with improved control system
US10149489 Polypeptide for hydrolytic cleavage of zearalenone and/or zearalenone derivatives, isolated polynucleotide thereof as well as a polypeptide containing an additive, use of same as well as a process
US10149490 Air popcorn popper
US10149491 Stabilisation of natural dyes by an acerola powder
US10149492 No bake granola product and methods of preparation
US10149493 Flours that improve the crispness of battered potatoes
US10149494 Method of producing an aromatised food or beverage product
US10149495 Smoking article with improved airflow
US10149496 Electronic cigarette controller and electronic cigarette
US10149497 E-cigarette personal vaporizer
US10149498 Fluid permeable heater assembly for an aerosol-generating system and method for assembling a fluid permeable heater for an aerosol-generating system
US10149499 Underwear including integral pockets
US10149500 Arch-supporting sock
US10149501 Garments to aid infants in achieving stable quadruped posture and controlled mobility
US10149502 Hooded jacket having zipper
US10149503 All-in-one water apparel
US10149504 Coated fabric and process for forming a polymeric coating on a liner
US10149505 Neckwear and fasteners
US10149506 Non-adhesive false eyelash system and method
US10149507 Distressed fabric patch and method
US10149508 Conspicuity devices and methods
US10149509 Ergonomic occipital triangular cushion pad for head bands
US10149510 Helmet liner
US10149511 Protective headgear system
US10149512 Massage shoes with combination arch support
US10149513 Sole structure for article of footwear
US10149514 Single pull squared-cord shoe closure system
US10149515 Orientations for footwear ground-engaging member support features
US10149516 Hook-and-loop fastener manufacturing method
US10149517 Connector mechanism for attaching accessory and accessory therefor
US10149518 Clasp assembly for a wearable device
US10149519 Dual engagement watch strap connector
US10149520 Attachment device
US10149521 Dynamic fit adjustment for wearable electronic devices
US10149522 Multi-functional walking cane and associated use thereof
US10149523 Magnetic swivel umbrella holder system
US10149524 Lunch bag for meals with support for an entertainment gadget
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