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US10150455 Automotive service line
US10150456 Apparatus and method to dynamically adjust electronic braking using TPMS
US10150457 Valve module for an air braking system of a heavy vehicle
US10150458 Hydraulics block and hydraulic unit
US10150459 Piston assembly for a pressure-generating device of a braking system of a motor vehicle
US10150460 Method for determining the charge in a vehicle battery
US10150461 Method and assembly for powertrain braking and friction braking a vehicle
US10150462 DCT shifting control method for vehicle
US10150463 System and method for managing operational states of a vehicle propulsion system
US10150464 Dual-structured electric drive and power system for hybrid vehicles
US10150465 Hybrid construction machine
US10150466 Shift control apparatus for hybrid vehicle and method therof
US10150467 Control of transmission during regenerative braking
US10150468 Step-ratio transmission control for a hybrid vehicle
US10150469 Control device for vehicle
US10150470 Determining available dynamic turning radius
US10150471 Smart vehicle apparatus, system, and method
US10150472 Method for automatically assessing a risk of collision between a vehicle and an object
US10150473 Recognition and prediction of lane constraints and construction areas in navigation
US10150474 Reducing lateral position deviation during an automated lane change
US10150475 Traveling control apparatus for a vehicle
US10150476 Methods and systems for controlling a vehicle being overtaken
US10150477 Control device for vehicle
US10150478 System and method for providing a notification of an automated restart of vehicle movement
US10150479 Battery state of function prediction with self-learning
US10150480 Vehicle all-wheel drive control system
US10150481 Rough terrain vehicle
US10150482 Control of electric motor
US10150483 Settings manager—distributed management of equipment and display settings via centralized software application
US10150484 Device for displaying information about an imminent takeover of manual control of a vehicle
US10150485 Method and device for processing image data, and driver-assistance system for a vehicle
US10150486 Driving assistance device and driving assistance system
US10150488 Actuator unit
US10150489 Tubular elastic linkage device for axle beam
US10150490 Coupler for a railway vehicle, cores and method for production
US10150491 Device and method for controlling train
US10150492 Multifunctional foldable trolley
US10150493 Mobility platform for a shopping cart
US10150494 System and method for transporting an object to be moved
US10150495 Wheel locking mechanism
US10150496 Handle assembly for a folding perambulator and a folding perambulator incorporating the same
US10150497 Steering wheel
US10150498 Steering system
US10150499 Driving unit and electric power steering system
US10150500 Vibration absorber and vibration absorber assembly
US10150501 Control system for a vehicle
US10150502 Linkage adjustment system and vehicle incorporating same
US10150503 Hybrid vehicle
US10150504 Resilient power device
US10150505 Automated hitching assist system
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