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US10150506 Trailer backup assist input with two-stage spring rate
US10150507 Vehicle body structure
US10150508 Vehicle frame structure
US10150509 Vehicle structure
US10150510 Vehicle vibration dampening mount assembly
US10150511 Body structure of vehicle
US10150512 Automobile pillar structure
US10150513 Vehicle roof structure
US10150514 Vehicular body structure
US10150515 Modular truck bed floor
US10150516 Pickup truck box reinforcement for fifth wheel pedestal
US10150517 Vehicle roof structure corner connector
US10150518 Vehicle body structure
US10150519 Apparatus and method for designing deck sill and rear post
US10150520 Spare tire retaining clamp and tool kit
US10150521 Industrial truck including a travelling driver stand platform
US10150522 Industrial cart comprising a mother or primary cart and a secondary or daughter cart
US10150523 Tractor with track drive
US10150525 Testing arrangement for testing at least one connection interface and method for testing at least one connection interface with a testing arrangement
US10150526 Bicycle saddle post suspension
US10150527 Integrated electronic component in vehicle body
US10150528 Folding vehicle
US10150529 Vertically folding bicycle with locking mechanism
US10150530 Rigid frame with high-compliance seat tube and internal cable routing
US10150531 Vehicle height adjustment device
US10150532 Gear driven by wobble movement and vehicle with this gear
US10150533 Bicycle crank assembly
US10150534 Motorized gear reducer
US10150535 Systems, methods and units for offloading or loading cargo at sea
US10150537 Dive platform system
US10150538 Resilient structural boat seating and rowing apparatus
US10150539 Convertible leaning post seating system for marine vessels
US10150540 Apparatus for towing a water sports performer
US10150541 Offshore drilling platform vibration compensation using an iterative learning method
US10150542 Planing boat and method for manufacturing the same
US10150543 Method for rigging and controlling a wing sail
US10150544 Personal watercraft for amplifying manual rowing or paddling with propulsion
US10150545 Wave power
US10150546 Watercraft equipped with a hybrid wave-powered electricity generating and propulsion system
US10150547 Manual jack plate
US10150548 Outboard motor and marine vessel
US10150549 Cowlings for marine engines and methods for making cowlings for marine engines
US10150550 Vessel propulsion apparatus
US10150551 Trolling motor with wind sensor
US10150552 Forced flow water circulation cooling for barges
US10150553 Device and method for assembling two sections of aircraft fuselage
US10150554 Injection molding method for the manufacture of a primary-structure connection element
US10150555 Elastomeric gel body gasket having a substantially incompressible skeleton, a method of making and using the same
US10150556 Low-profile wing hinge mechanism
US10150557 Shape-variable gap covering between control surfaces and adjacent structural components on aircrafts
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