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US10150558 Tilting landing gear systems and methods
US10150559 Unmanned flying object and control device therefor
US10150560 Ventilated rotor mounting boom for personal aircraft
US10150561 System and method of operation of twin-tiltrotor helicopter
US10150562 Hydraulically propelled drone for delivering firefighting fluid
US10150563 Autonomous moving machine system
US10150564 System and method for overhead warehousing
US10150565 Load hook substructure
US10150566 Core of tray table assembly
US10150567 Rotor systems for rotorcraft
US10150568 Thrust reverser compression rod with spring biased engagement
US10150569 Method of stopping a rotorcraft engine in overspeed, and a system and a rotorcraft associated therewith
US10150570 Device and method for cooling at least one autonomous electric power source of an aircraft
US10150571 On-board aircraft reactive inerting dried gas system
US10150572 Electronic avionics systems and methods
US10150573 Methods and apparatus for presenting automatic flight control system data onboard an aircraft
US10150574 Landing gear lights having multi-axis rotation
US10150575 Aircraft anti-collision light
US10150576 Vibration damping gimbal sleeve for an aerial vehicle
US10150578 Lighting apparatus of a helicopter deck
US10150579 Aerial drone power supply and power supply housing
US10150580 Launch pad flame deflector structure and method of making the same
US10150581 System for loading items into a container-defining sheet
US10150583 Pour tray
US10150584 Apparatus with facing bell members, for modified atmosphere packaging of products placed in trays
US10150585 Plastic container with varying depth ribs
US10150586 Box assemblies and multi-ply units and methods for forming same
US10150587 Hinge assembly and container with such a hinge assembly
US10150590 Inner seal with a sub tab layer
US10150591 Package device for liquid crystal panel
US10150592 Container that can be removeably adhered to a shower wall
US10150593 Food station cooking or water tray/pan/chafing dish with heat resistant and flame resistant/retardant wrap, roll, tape, band or print décor and stickers/embellishments
US10150594 Crown cap and closing device
US10150595 Lid-container assembly made of plastic material
US10150596 Container for food with a sealing lid
US10150597 Cap for a container and a package comprising such a cap
US10150598 Flow control device and process
US10150599 Tamper evident cap
US10150600 Container structure with a built-in opening and reclosing feature
US10150601 Ergonomic leakproof travel container
US10150602 Flexible, lockable cargo covers and containers
US10150603 Package for delivery of additives for powdered compositions
US10150604 Reusable closure system for packaging
US10150605 Chemical storage container, chemical storage structure, and method of discharging liquid chemical
US10150606 Packaging apparatus
US10150607 Adhesive packaging system with membrane
US10150608 Flowable material dispenser
US10150609 Dispenser
US10150610 Capsule for beverage
US10150611 Vessel head and tool and method for the production thereof
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