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US10150612 System and method for delivery of oilfield materials
US10150615 Storage system and method for carrying out maintenance in such a storage system
US10150616 Scraper for a scraper chain conveyor
US10150617 Sound dampening conveyor chain flight
US10150618 Endless egg conveyor
US10150619 Clearing device for clearing dirt removal container of sewer and street cleaning vehicle
US10150620 Sample transfer device and sample processing system
US10150621 Device for protecting the conveyor belt of a tube conveyor against volumetric overloading
US10150622 System and method for monitoring an at least partially enclosed belt conveyor for longitudinal damage
US10150623 Cleaning apparatus
US10150624 Device for aligning and righting preforms, comprising a bowl centrifuge equipped with means for ejecting misaligned preforms
US10150625 Singulator conveyor system for rigid parcel and large bags of small parcels
US10150626 Goods to operator workstation
US10150627 Brush diverter
US10150628 Container filling plant for handling different containers, and a method of operating a container filling plant for handling different containers
US10150629 Paper sheet conveyance device and separation/collection device
US10150630 Post-processing apparatus and image forming system
US10150631 Sheet conveyance apparatus and sheet conveyance method
US10150633 System and method for metallic object detection in a media transport system
US10150634 Sheet detecting apparatus, sheet conveying apparatus, and image forming apparatus
US10150635 Edge contact substrate transport method and apparatus
US10150636 Stacker device for flat items
US10150637 Stacking apparatus
US10150638 Tape dispenser
US10150639 Wrap dispenser with flat rim cap
US10150640 Coating film transfer tool including a roller for removing debris adhered to a transfer roller
US10150641 Sheet post-processing device and image forming apparatus
US10150642 Binding device and image forming system
US10150643 Sheet post-processing apparatus and method for controlling the sheet post-processing apparatus
US10150644 Delivery systems and methods for setting the delivery systems
US10150645 Rotational hose reel
US10150646 Elevator device including evacuation operation mode request switch
US10150647 System for controlling and configuration of an occupant evacuation operation in a building
US10150648 Tie-down device for compensation sheave, compensation sheave and elevator
US10150649 Overwind conveyance drop protection
US10150650 Method for installing a support structure for a passenger transport system in a construction
US10150651 Tank car lifting apparatus
US10150652 Rod and casing handler
US10150653 Method for reducing dynamic loads of cranes
US10150654 Managing access rights to a crane
US10150655 Electric winch device
US10150656 Mobile counterweight mechanism of a hoisting machine as well as a hoisting machine
US10150657 Crane
US10150658 Down well pump puller
US10150659 Direct drive drawworks with bearingless motor
US10150660 Parallel lift turret mount
US10150661 Telescoping platform for operations on cell towers
US10150662 Mobile distribution station with additive injector
US10150663 Automatic flavoring and water dispensing systems for medications
US10150664 Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) stopper structure for stiction improvement
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