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US10150665 In-plane-strain-actuated out-of-plane actuator
US10150666 Micro-electro-mechanical device and manufacturing process thereof
US10150667 Panel level packaging for MEMS application
US10150668 Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) on application specific integrated circuit (ASIC)
US10150669 Micro pick up array pivot mount
US10150670 Process for generation of synthesis gas by flue gas recycle
US10150671 Process and plant for improved energy-efficient production of sulfuric acid
US10150673 Systems and methods for enabling communication between USB type-C connections and legacy connections over an extension medium
US10150674 Process for the formation of a graphene membrane component, graphene membrane component, microphone and hall-effect sensor
US10150675 Method for producing polycrystalline silicon
US10150676 Zeolite SSZ-52x
US10150677 Method for increasing evaporation rate of an evaporative pond
US10150678 Method for producing alpha-lithium aluminate
US10150679 Expandable water filter reservoir
US10150680 Water monitoring device and method
US10150681 Method for sorbtion distillation
US10150682 Filter system for removing and/or neutralizing undissolved oils, greases, and salts and/or metal abrasion debris on and in emulsions containing water
US10150683 Dechlorination compositions, compressed solids formed therefrom, and methods of preparing the same
US10150684 System and method for preventing ammonia rebound in a cold-weather bioreactor
US10150685 Water reclamation method integrating magnetic resin adsorption and electrosorption
US10150686 Removal of arsenic from contaminated aqueous solutions
US10150687 Sludge blending thickener
US10150688 Closing mechanism for the mold halves of an I.S. machine
US10150689 Apparatus for fabricating materials
US10150690 Apparatus for manufacturing an optical fiber
US10150691 Ion exchangeable Li-containing glass compositions for 3-D forming
US10150692 Photochromic glass with sharp cutoff
US10150693 Near infrared cutoff filter glass
US10150694 Opaque colored glass-ceramics comprising nepheline crystal phases
US10150695 Low loss optical fibers with fluorine and chlorine codoped core regions
US10150696 Method for producing glass sheet
US10150697 Heat treatable coated glass pane
US10150698 Strengthened glass with ultra deep depth of compression
US10150699 X-ray induced coloration in glass or glass-ceramic articles
US10150700 Hybrid magnesium cement and method of manufacture
US10150701 Coated-fine-aggregate, concrete composition and method
US10150702 Filtrate control agents in solid form
US10150703 Cementitious blend and concrete mix compositions resistant to high temperatures and alkaline conditions
US10150704 Cementitious tile adhesive compositions containing crosslinked cellulose ethers for mortars with enhanced gel-strength
US10150705 Dry application papercrete
US10150706 Porous, silicate, ceramic body, dental restoration and method for the production thereof
US10150707 Method of producing thermal spray powder, manufacture apparatus of thermal spray powder, and thermal spray powder produced by the producing method
US10150708 Surface-aided melt infiltration for producing a ceramic matrix composite
US10150709 Joined body manufacturing method
US10150710 Apparatus and method for the production of foam
US10150711 Extraction of amino acids and phosphorus from biological materials
US10150712 Compositions with improved urease-inhibiting effect comprising (thio)phosphoric acid triamide and further compounds
US10150713 Fluid activated disintegrating metal system
US10150714 Process and catalyst for upgrading gasoline
US10150715 Dehydrogenation of alkanes to alkenes
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