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US10150716 Endothermic gas phase catalytic dehydrogenation process
US10150717 Process for the simulated moving bed separation of xylenes, and optimized operating conditions
US10150718 Hydrogen rejection in methanol to hydrocarbon process
US10150719 Production of 1,6-hexanediol from adipic acid
US10150720 Device for preparing n-butanol
US10150721 Catalytic membrane reactor for dimethyl ether synthesis from carbon dioxide and hydrogen
US10150722 Aldehyde compounds and their use in perfume compositions
US10150723 Separation of enantiomers of 3-ethylbicyclo[3.2.0]hept-3-en-6-one
US10150724 Method of synthesis of methoxyheptyl bicyclooctanone
US10150725 Continuous process of oxidative cleavage of vegetable oils
US10150726 Method for producing levulinic acid ester
US10150727 Ester compound, plasticizer composition including the same, preparation method of the plasticizer composition and resin composition including the plasticizer composition
US10150728 Alkylene derivatives
US10150729 Tranilast compositions and cocrystals
US10150730 Process for preparing α-damascone
US10150731 Method for preparing 4-cyanopiperidine hydrochloride
US10150732 Fluorinated lysyl oxidase-like 2 inhibitors and uses thereof
US10150733 Amidoheteroaryl aroyl hydrazide ethynes
US10150734 Solid forms of 2-(5-(3-fluorophenyl)-3-hydroxypicolinamido)acetic acid, compositions, and uses thereof
US10150735 Low hygroscopic aripiprazole drug substance and processes for the preparation thereof
US10150737 Compounds for controlling arthropods
US10150738 Backfunctionalized imidazolinium salts and NHC carbene-metal complexes
US10150739 Crystalline form of androgen receptor inhibitor and preparation method thereof
US10150740 6,7-dihydropyrido[2,1-a]phthalazin-2-ones for the treatment and prophylaxis of hepatitis b virus infection
US10150741 Method for preparing azoxystrobin intermediates
US10150742 Substituted heterocyclic compounds for treating or preventing viral infections
US10150743 Carboxylic acid compounds
US10150744 P2X4 receptor antagonist
US10150745 Process for the preparation of clobazam and its intermediate
US10150746 Preparation of pantolactone
US10150747 Compounds for the treatment of hepatitis C
US10150748 Salt or abexinostat, associated crystalline form, a process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
US10150749 Method for obtaining vitamin E, sterols and/or terpenes from oily or fatty mixtures of biological origin
US10150750 Process for the oxidation of organic carbonyl compounds
US10150751 Pyrrolidine orexin receptor antagonists
US10150752 Substituted triazole derivatives as oxytocin antagonists
US10150753 Salt forms and polymorphs of (R)-1-(4-(6-(2-(4-(3,3-difluorocyclobutoxy)-6-methylpyrdin-2-yl)acetamido) pyridazin-3-yl)-2-fluorobutyl)-N-methyl-1H-1,2,3-triazole-4-carboxamide
US10150754 Histone demethylase inhibitors
US10150755 ASK1 inhibitor compounds and uses thereof
US10150756 Diaminopyrimidine benzenesulfone derivatives and uses thereof
US10150757 Quinazolinone derivatives as PARP inhibitors
US10150758 PRMT5 inhibitors and uses thereof
US10150759 1,4-pyridone bicycic heteroaryl compounds
US10150760 Compounds for use in preparing heterocyclic triazole agonists of the APJ receptor
US10150761 Substituted pyridine-piperazinyl analogues as RSV antiviral compounds
US10150762 Trifluoromethyl alcohols as modulators of RORγt
US10150763 Histone deacetylase inhibitors and their use in therapy
US10150764 Substituted benzene compounds
US10150765 P2X7 modulators
US10150766 P2X7 modulators
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