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US10150823 Solid polyaluminoxane composition, olefin polymerization catalyst, olefin polymer production method and solid polyaluminoxane composition production method
US10150824 Film-forming auxiliary
US10150825 Production method for olefin-based polymer, and olefin polymerization catalyst
US10150826 Method for preparing ethylene copolymer
US10150827 Imidazoline functionalized oxidized fatty substance emulsifiers and methods
US10150829 Super absorbent polymer and preparation method thereof
US10150830 Methyl methacrylate vinylaromate copolymers
US10150831 Acrylic processing aid and vinyl chloride resin composition comprising the same
US10150832 Block copolymer
US10150833 Polymer with urethane or thiourethane units for use, in particular, as an adhesion primer for bonding metal to rubber
US10150834 Method for making an electrical cable joint
US10150835 Dual curable composition
US10150837 Processes for removing water from a polyether polyol
US10150838 Non-fused aromatic dispersant composition
US10150839 Amine-aldehyde resins and uses thereof in separation processes
US10150840 Carbon molecular sieve (CMS) hollow fiber membranes and preparation thereof from pre-oxidized polyimides
US10150841 Chromophoric polymer dots with narrow-band emission
US10150842 Method of preparing condensation cross-linked particles
US10150843 Process for liquefaction of lignocellulosic biomass
US10150844 Process for making an aminosiloxane polymer nanoemulsion
US10150845 Vulcanizates and tire components prepared from compositions including mercapto-functional siloxanes
US10150846 Colored metallic pigment and colored article
US10150848 Polymer cellulose nanocrystal composite aerogels
US10150849 Thermally-expandable microspheres, and composition and molded article containing same
US10150850 High-density polyethylene-graphene nanocomposites and methods thereof
US10150852 Process for preparing hydrophobically modified alkylene oxide urethane polymer
US10150853 Diphenylguanidine-free rubber mixtures containing short-chain alkyl esters of glycerin
US10150854 Polycarbonate resin composition
US10150855 Enhanced polycarbonate extrusion grades
US10150856 Crosslinkable polymeric compositions with diallyl isocyanurate crosslinking coagents, methods for making the same, and articles made therefrom
US10150857 Phosphorous acid compound, method for producing said compound, and use of said compound
US10150858 Blended compositions, methods for making same, and articles made therefrom
US10150859 Vulcanizable rubber composition
US10150860 Methods and systems for synthesis of an ultra high molecular weight polymer
US10150861 Golf ball layers including mono (meth)acrylate esters
US10150862 Transesterified furan based polyesters and articles made therefrom
US10150863 Plating performance using combination metal oxide and metal powder as additives
US10150864 Ionizing radiation resistant polycarbonate resin composition and article comprising the same
US10150865 Resin composition and molded object obtained therefrom
US10150866 Composition based on poly (arylene ether ketone) having improved properties
US10150867 In-situ compatibilization of silicone rubber/polyolefin elastomer blends by forming ionomers for cold shrink splice and preparation method thereof
US10150868 Flooding composition with polysiloxane
US10150869 Method for producing polymeric compositions including functionalized polymers
US10150870 High-grade mastic asphalt composition and paving construction method using the same
US10150871 Azo compound, dye-based polarizing film containing same, and polarizing plate
US10150872 Multimeric protected fluorescent reagents
US10150873 Nanocomposite conformal corrosion barrier coating
US10150874 Graphene based anti-corrosion coatings
US10150875 Superhydrophobic powder coatings
US10150876 Paint coating material for producing an imitation ceramic effect and its application method thereof
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